Day: December 9, 2021

The Valorant Night Market has finally returned, and Valorant fans across the world have a chance to get their hands on their favourite Valorant skins once again. The Night Market features a set of six randomized weapon skins for the players to choose from, and each weapon skin is discounted up to a whopping 50%. […]

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In a piece of rather tragic news in the gaming and streaming fraternity, 21-year-old emerging streamer Kristina ‘K1KA’ Dukic has passed away. The reason for her death is reportedly suicide. The news of her passing away was published by her friend Adrija on her Instagram account, which has over 400,000 followers. Kika was known for […]

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Skulls are gameplay modifiers as seen in Halo: MCC, Reach, and Halo 4. They’ve been an important part of Halo and can be found scattered throughout the campaign missions. Once acquired, you can enable skulls/modifiers from the level select menu for hilarious or serious results. Similarly, Halo: Infinite features 12 skulls, and 5 of them […]

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