Frictional Games announced that it has delayed Amnesia: The Bunker to June 6. The decision to postpone the game was to fix issues regarding rare crashes that were difficult to identify and replicate.

In a two-minute video from creative lead Fredrik Olsson, he explained that the game is currently undergoing a certification process and there needed to be more time to fix the crashes before releasing.

“The alternative, of course, I guess would have been to ask the team to work weekends or nights but that’s simply not something we do here at Frictional,” Olsson said. He assured audiences that the game is coming along nicely in terms of the gameplay, art, animation, and atmosphere and that the development team is ready to ship the game.

However, there will be a demo for Amnesia: The Bunker released on May 22 for Steam. Although the game has been announced for PlayStation and Xbox, it’s unclear whether the demo will also be available on there.

Amnesia: The Bunker was set to release this month in May after numerous delays but now it will release in June. In IGN’s Amnesia: The Bunker preview, we said: “Blending the dense and unnerving atmosphere of Amnesia with the resource management and the act of carefully navigating into danger is a potent mix for a horror game, and Amnesia: The Bunker so far feels like an exciting turn for the franchise that I’ve got my eye on.”

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Author: George Yang