The August PC game releases and updates you should know about

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If PC gaming were a country, Elden Ring’s release date would’ve been a national holiday, and the shadow cast by all that shared, early-year revelry could make a month like August 2022 look dreary. There’s no one big game to turn everyone’s heads in the same direction in the way Elden Ring got us all looking at Wormfaces and Fingercreepers and a naked guy who solos bosses.

A scan of August’s biggest PC releases doesn’t look dreary at all, though. It lacks one focal point, but there are more bright spots scattered across the month than we saw in July. Hearthstone players will get new cards, a new Destiny 2 season will begin, Sam Barlow’s latest FMV game releases, an exciting immersive sim comes out in early access, and a new Saints Row game will fulfill the foreordained and eternal purpose of that series: to be the wackier Grand Theft Auto we play in between Grand Theft Autos.

Below are those and other exciting games coming out this August. For more, check out our complete guide to 2022 games.

Cult of the Lamb | August 11

Dive into dungeons, collect resources, and grow your base as a fluffy cult leader in this action roguelike. It’s a bit RimWorld and a bit The Binding of Isaac, as we observed last year.

Gloomwood | August 16 (early access)

Gloomwood has been among our most anticipated games since its demo arrived on Steam in 2020. This is only the first chunk of the game, which the developers describe as “Thief with guns.”

Immortality | August 30

Like Her Story, Immortality will have you dissecting archival video footage to reassemble a mysterious story, But this one’s going Hollywood (and likely much more meta) with three fictional “lost” movies that span an actor’s career. 

 More PC games releasing in August 

  • August 2 — Frogun
  • August 3 — South of the Circle
  • August 4 — Camp Canyonwood (early access)
  • August 9 — Two Point Campus
  • August 11 — Arcade Paradise
  • August 15 — Fashion Police Squad
  • August 20 — A Walk With Yiayia
  • August 23 — Midnight Fight Express
  • August 25 — I Was a Teenage Exocolonist
  • August 25 — Monster Outbreak
  • August 26 — Soul Hackers 2
  • August 30 — Tinykin
  • August 30 — TMNT: The Cowabunga Collection
  • August 31 — Scathe

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