Bandai Namco Black Friday Sale includes this confounding Dark Souls hoodie

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Black Friday deals aren’t just limited to PC and hardware deals. Sometimes other gaming related stuff like software goes on sale too, and in this case it’s soft wear that’s up for grabs.

Now that I’ve gotten that pun out of my system, you can praise the sun even when it’s not out in this Dark Souls Thumbs Up hoodie which is over half price from the Bandai Namco store. Usually going for €39.99 during the sale, you can pick up this graphic hoodie for €15.99. Not bad for some merch for the “Ultimate Game of All Time”.

The black hoodie features cartoon styled Solaire of Astora, the dude known for spreading his arms to the sky, giving a winning thumbs up while being bathed in sun rays and holding an Estus Flask. Elden Ring players might be more familiar with Crimson Tears, which are functionally the same thing.

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DARK SOULS: THUMBS UP HOODIE | Black Hoodie with Graphic Logo |  Multiple Sizes | €39.99 €15.99 at BandaiNamco (save €24)
This hoodie is just kinda wild but it seems like a decent price and for what we can hope is a good quality hoodie. The image is instantly recognisable to Dark Souls fans, while still likely to confuse them beyond all reason the longer they look at it. It’s all wins. 

The Estus flask is spilling out some yellow liquid, and I know they look golden in the game but with all the descriptions talking green, I was expecting more Snow Mountain Dew than Praise the Sunkist, this is probably closer to a Solo experience. At least, we hope it’s Solo.

There are other neat picks in the Bandai Namco sale too, with plenty of games and other merchandise like figurines and records from the company’s extensive catalogue. Titles like Tekken, Soul Calibur, the Dark Pictures anthology, and heaps of anime titles like Dragon Ball and One Punch Man are represented. 

There’s even sales on Dark Souls games or this other Dark Souls Sun Prayer Hoodie which is also half price and raises fewer questions, if you’re into that.

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