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Looking for more info on Yun Jin in Genshin Impact? She’s one of the newly announced characters heading to Teyvat, alongside fellow polearm-wielder, Shenhe. But unlike the upcoming Cryo character, four-star Yun Jin uses the Geo element to shield herself and damage her enemies.

Yun Jin isn’t playable in Genshin Impact yet, though, and we’re still waiting for both Arataki Itto and Gorou‘s banners in the second half of the Version 2.3 update. But if you’re keen to know more about this Geo polearm-wielder, here’s what we know about Genshin Impact Yun Jin and her abilities. 

Release date

Genshin Impact Yun Jin: When is her release date?  

Yun Jin’s release date hasn’t been officially confirmed by miHoYo, but we’re expecting her to arrive at some point during version 2.4.

As the 2.3 update has only just arrived, you’ll need to wait a little while before you can wish for Yun Jin. It’s unclear whether this four-star Geo character will share a banner with Shenhe, but I’ll keep this guide updated as soon as we hear more.

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Yun Jin’s abilities 

Thanks to Honey Hunter, we have a good idea of what Yun Jin’s skills will be. As this is leaked information, these abilities may change between now and release, but we’ll keep this guide updated with any alterations.  

Normal Attack: Cloud-Grazing Strike
Normal Performs up to five consecutive spear strikes.
Charged Consumes a certain amount of Stamina to lunge forward, dealing damage to opponents along the way.
Plunging Plunges from mid-air to strike the ground below, damaging opponents along the path and dealing AoE DMG upon impact.

Elemental Skill: Whirling Opener
Press Flourishes her spear in the Cloud-Grazing Form, dealing Geo DMG.
Hold Takes up the Whirling Opener stance and charges up, forming a shield. DMG Absorption is based on Yun Jin’s Max HP and absorbs all Elemental DMG and Physical DM 150% more effectively. When the skill is unleashed, its duration ends, or when the shield breaks, Yun Jin will unleash the stored energy as an attack, dealing Geo DMG. Based on the time spent charging, it will either unleash an attack at Charge Level 1 or Level 2.

Elemental Burst
Cliffbreaker’s Banner Deals AoE Geo DMG and grants all nearby party members a Flying Cloud Flag Formation.
Flying Cloud Flag Formation When Normal Attack DMG is dealt to opponents, Bonus DMG will be dealt based on Yun Jin’s current DEF. The effects of this skill will be cleared after a set duration or a specific number of stacks are consumed. When one Normal Attack hits multiple opponents, stacks of this skill will be consumed according to the number of opponents hit. Each member of the party will have these effects and their stacks counted independently.

Light Nourishment When Perfect Cooking is achieved on Food with Adventure-related effects, there is a 12% chance to obtain double the product.
True to Oneself Using Whirling Opener at the precise moment when Yun Jin is attacked will unleash its Level 2 Charged (Hold) form.
No Mere Traditionalist The Normal Attack DMG Bonus granted by Flying Cloud Flag Formation is further increased by 2.5%/5%/7.5%/11.5%/ of Yun Jin’s DEF when the party contains characters of 1/2/3/4 Elemental Types.

Stylized Equestrianism Whirling Opener’s CD is decreased by 18%.
Myriad Mise-En-Scene Characters under the effects of Flying Cloud Flag Formation deal 2% increased Normal Attack DMG after their Normal Attacks hit opponents. This effect can be triggered once every 0.3s. Max 10 stacks. This effect lasts until Flying Cloud Flag Formation’s effects are cleared or reset.
Seafaring General Increases the Level of Cliffbreaker’s Banner by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
Ascend, Cloud-Hanger When Yun Jin triggers the Crystallize Reaction, her DEF is increased by 20% for 12s.
Famed Throughout the Land Increases the Level of Whirling Opener by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
Decorous Harmony Characters under the effects of the Flying Cloud Flag Formation have their Normal ATK SPD increased by 12%.

Ascension materials

(Image credit: miHoYo)

Yun Jin’s Ascension materials 


You’ll need to find specific Ascension materials if you want to level up Yun Jin. Both the Prithiva Topaz items and Riftborn Regalia are dropped by Golden Wolflords, while the latter can also be looted from Geo Hypostases. In addition, you also need:

  • Glaze Lily
  • Damaged/Stained/Ominous Mask

Glaze Lilies are plants found in the Liyue region. They’re most commonly found in Yujing Terrace at Liyue Harbor and in and around Qingce Village. The Mask items are drops from hilichurl and samachurl enemies, which can be found in all regions.


You also need items to level up Yun Jin’s talents. These are:

  • Teachings/Guide/Philosophy to Diligence
  • Damaged/Stained/Ominous Mask
  • Ashen Heart
  • Crown of Insight

You can loot the Diligence items from the Taishan Mansion domain on Tuesdays and Fridays, and, as mentioned above, the Mask items are dropped from both Hilichurls and Samachurls. The Ashen Heart is rewarded after defeating the weekly boss La Signora at level 70 or above. Finally, the Crown of Insight is a reward for upgrading the Frostbearing Tree in Dragonspine or the Sacred Sakura in Inazuma. You can also get it from various seasonal activities, like Midsummer Island Adventure or Thunder Sojourn.  

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