Cyber Monday Gaming Headset deals 2021: it’s never too soon to find the right pair of cans

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Early Cyber Monday Gaming Headset deals

Cyber Monday gaming headset deals

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It’s never too early to start thinking about Cyber Monday deals for a new gaming headset. It will be the best time of year to replace your aging pair of cans with something a bit more flashy and with a little more kick. Chances are, you’ll come across some excellent Black Friday deals before that, but you can be confident that they will sell out fast. Consider Cyber Monday as your last call to treat your ears to something special before the holidays. 

Gaming headsets have everything you need to get you fully immersed in your favorite PC games. Aside from sounding great, these headsets all have built-in microphones you can use to chat with your raid buddies or group-watch a stream on Discord.  The best part? Since you really shouldn’t pay full price for anything, these deals let you grab a fancy new gaming headset without paying fancy new gaming headset prices.  

The great part about this time of year is we will see massive price cuts on new wired and wireless gaming headsets. It comes down to preference when on which is right for you. Wireless headsets have come a long way and are no longer laggy battery-draining devices and sound just as good if not better than their wired cousins. 

  • Cyber Monday 2021: as tick follows tock, Cyber Monday deals will follow Black Friday

We’ll be keeping an eye out for not just the Cyber Monday gaming headset deals in the basic wired category but wireless gaming headsets and headphones for gaming as well. A good set of headphones with a quality microphone can make your PC experience a much more enjoyable time.

These are the best Cyber Monday headset deals we’ve found so far.

When will Cyber Monday gaming headset deals start to appear?

This year Cyber Monday is November 29. Don’t be surprised if you start seeing early print ads and email blasts from major retailers for Cyber Monday deals the second Black Friday is over. 

Where will have the best Cyber Monday deals?

In the US:

  • Amazon – Deals on Gaming Headsets
  • Walmart – Deals on Gaming Headsets and Wireless 
  • B&H Photo – Deals on Headsets 
  • Best Buy – The best deals on Gaming headsets
  • Target – Gaming Headsets 
  • Staples – Discounts on Gaming Accessories
  • Newegg – Cyber Monday Deals  
  • Microsoft – Deals on Gaming Headsets
  • Dell – Deals on Alienware Headsets
  • HP – Deals on Omen Headset
  • Corsair – Deals on a range of gaming accessories

In the UK:

  • Amazon UK – Cyber Monday deals on gaming gear
  • Newegg – Cyber Monday deals
  • Scan – Wealth of gaming headsets
  • Box – Wide range of gaming PC brands
  • Ebuyer – A robust selection of smaller-brand stuff
  • Overclockers – Discounts on a huge selection of PC hardware

What should I look for in a Cyber Monday gaming headset?

Gaming headsets have improved in the sound department in the last few years. The wider soundstage makes up for the severe lack of bass in many of these gaming headsets. Audiophiles might be a little turned off by the selection. But just in case you want sound quality over gaming features, we did make a list of some of the best headphones deals at the bottom of the page. You’re welcome.  

Of course, using headphones alongside a decent microphone is still an excellent option for gaming, and we’ve kept an eye on those too. Any wireless headset offering over 24 hours of battery life is worth a second look. Wired users should check the cable length. Six feet should be the minimum, or else you’ll have the thing ripped off your head whenever you get up. 

You might be tempted to pick a headset from a brand you never heard of because it’s marked down 90%, but trust us, that’s a waste of money. Check out product reviews and look at price histories using sites like this.

Since headsets seem like one of the only PC gaming products you actually can buy these days, there will be hundreds of options for you to choose from, with multiple retailers selling the same model at different discounts. But, don’t’ worry, we will let you know who’s got the best deal for you. 

Early Cyber Monday Gaming Headset Deals

Our sophisticated deals bot is working extra hard in order to find you the best prices on gaming headsets in order to safe you some money. 

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Early Cyber Monday Wireless Gaming Headset Deals

Our sophisticated deals bot is working extra hard in order to find you the best prices on gaming headsets in order to safe you some money. 

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