The Sims 4 is offering up a set of three DLC packs for free this week over on the Epic Games Store—and redeeming them with your copy of the game is easy enough, don’t worry. The bundle includes the Jungle Adventure game pack, Luxury Party stuff pack, and Fashion Street kit. Electronic Arts is calling this the Sims 4 Daring Lifestyle Bundle which you can redeem for free by logging in to the Epic Store and linking your Epic and EA accounts when prompted.

There’s not a full expansion on offer here but hey they’re free, and probably some of the DLCs you’re less likely to own already. Fashion Street has all Create-A-Sim items inspired by the shopping district by the same name in Mumbai. The Luxury Party pack is a mix of fashion and furniture with New Year’s Glam and wedding vibes respectively, in my opinion. Jungle Adventure is the biggest pack in the bundle with Create-A-Sim and Build Mode items and a vacation world (but not a full neighbourhood world) where you can visit a cantina and explore a dangerous hidden temple.

If you’re all about the kits—the smallest DLC type The Sims 4 offers now, in case you don’t keep up with the nomenclature—EA is also fielding votes on the next two kits for the game between today and May 21. We’ve got a choice between a rainbow or goth Create-A-Sim kit and a medieval or futuristic build/buy kit.

You can claim your free Sims 4 Daring Lifestyle Bundle on the Epic Store until Thursday, May 18.

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