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The number of ESportsBattle eFootball matches streamed by one of the leading betting operators has increased x3 from December 2020 to June 2021.

The 2020 UEFA European Football Championship caused a boost in betting on eFootball events.

According to Statista, during May 2021, 26% would rather be on a gambling website to check odds, bet, or cash out while watching EURO 2020.

The number of people placing bets on ESportsBattle’s eFootball events before the EURO 2020 matches were the highest in 2021.

So right before watching UEFA’s EURO 2020, viewers were placing bets on ESportsBattle’s events.

The key reason: eFootball betting gives bettors a chance to feel more involved in the whole process, just like they participate in the real championship every day.

Of course, during EURO 2020, the interest in eFootball has increased, which shows the correlation between major sporting events and esports tournaments.
Credits: https://www.talkesport.com/news/euro-2020-boosted-efootball-commercial-tournaments/

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