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Vishal Gondal, one of the promoters of nCore Games, which is publishing an upcoming tactical shooter game FAU-G has announced a new development about the on going controversy.

According to their official statement, the involved parties with the game are now legally equipped to prosecute fake news and any one who promotes conspiracy theories.

The controversy stirred up after several Twitter accounts peddled conspiracy theories which suggested baseless allegations against the founders and the promoters of both GOQii and Ncore Games.

Vishal Gondal & Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar, both are associated with NCore Games and GOQii, respectively.

In the press statement, the companies made it clear of their intent to file litigation in the court of law in case of fake news.

Ncore Games & GOQii were falsely misrepresented to be related to the death of the star.

It now appears that anyone who are involved in peddling fake rumors and lies or conspiracy theories against “Vishal Gondal, Akshay Kumar or the directors, investors, employees or representatives” will be held liable in the court of law.


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