Fortnite chapter 4 season 3 is on the horizon, even though it feels like we just started season 2. While there hasn’t been much official communication from Epic Games, we’ve learned a little about the structure of this upcoming season from datamining and other leaks.

Here’s the lowdown on all of the information and speculation we currently have on Fortnite chapter 4 season 3, including the theme, release date, and battle pass.

What is the release date for season 3? 

Fornite chapter 4 season 3 will likely begin in early June, 2023. Like most of the information on this season, the date hasn’t been officially announced, but the chapter 4 season 2 end date has been pushed from June 2 to June 9, 2023. If we base the turnaround on the same methods as all previous updates, then the next season will most likely begin shortly after that downtime around June 9 to June 10, 2023.

Fortnite chapter 4 season 3 may be desert or jungle themed

According to a Twitter user named Wenso (who datamined patch 24.20 in April), Epic Games placed palm tree and cactus files into Fortnite and haven’t used them yet. In a reply to the thread, the user shows screenshots of the palm leaf model and the fauna’s location in the game’s files. The leaker also speculates that Fortnite chapter 4, season 3 will be a “desert/tropical” theme, which would certainly fit with palm trees.

This is backed up by another player who’s shared a datamined file referring to a jungle that was added to Fortnite in a patch. Other dataminers have reported seeing files for a first person mode and the re-addition of mud physics.

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 What is the chapter 4 season 3 battlepass like?

Another Twitter user named GmatrixGames leaked a few details of what Fortnite chapter 4, season 3’s battle pass will look like. These are the unconfirmed cosmetic codenames the account shared:

  • CinderMax
  • CrispRover
  • LoudPhoenix
  • RippedHarvester
  • SilentTempo
  • ZirconSweep

While we don’t have official confirmation from Epic, fans are comparing these codenames to concept art (both released by Epic, and mined) and it isn’t too difficult to place these names to the faces if you scan in the replies. 

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