Everything we know about Genshin Impact’s Collei

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Collei is one of the three new Genshin Impact characters to have been revealed in advance of version 3.0 and the introduction of the Sumeru region. Alongside Tighnari, she’s one of two characters who uses the new Dendro element which will be added alongside the tropical, jungle-strewn region. Dendro is a plant element, after all, letting players manipulate life to create the new Bloom and Catalyze reactions.

There isn’t all that much official info about Collei yet but, since she appeared in the Genshin Impact prequel manga, and there have been some leaks around her, there’s a fair bit to talk about. In this Genshin Impact Collei guide, I’ll talk about her likely release date, her backstory, as well as her rarity and her potential kit of abilities.

This guide will feature some minor spoilers for the Genshin Impact manga. 

What is the likely Collei release date? 

Since miHoYo is already previewing update 3.0 characters like Collei, it’s extremely likely that she will arrive alongside the new Sumeru region in update 2.9. “But isn’t that one version too soon?” you may ask. Well, Genshin Impact 2.0 introduced Inazuma, but that was actually version 1.7; whichever version Sumeru arrives in will be 3.0 no matter what. New Genshin characters are pretty much always teased before they arrive in the next version.

If Genshin Impact 2.8 lasts six weeks, as they usually do, the Collei release date will be August 24 or thereabouts. That’s assuming she’s part of the first banner and not the second, in which case she’d arrive three weeks later. 

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Who is Collei?

This Dendro bow-user is a ranger-in-training in the Avidya Forest, which we can assume is a new area in Sumeru. We also know that she and Amber are acquainted since she asks us to give our regards to her. 

Collei features quite prominently in the Genshin Impact manga, which is set before the events of the game. She was born with a sickness so her parents took her to a Sumeru Fatui named Barnabas seeking a cure, but he instead experimented on her. Collei eventually got vengeance and that’s how she came to know Amber.

What are Collei’s abilities?

miHoYo has confirmed that Collei is one of the new Dendro characters and looking at her promo image it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise to learn that she’s a bow-user as well. According to the notable leaker, Ubatcha, Collei is most likely a four-star character, but this could change before long.

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After all, it would be a bit strange for version 3.0 to only launch with one five-star character when Inazuma launched with both Ayaka and Yoimiya. Considering Collei uses the new element, Dendro, she’s more likely to be a five-star than Electro-user Dori, especially when you consider Collei’s prominent role in the manga.

Another source, known just as BLANK, shared details of Collei’s kit and main abilities. I’ve no idea if these will turn out to be true, but if they are, Collie sounds pretty similar to Amber; not so strange when she’s also a ranger and an archer. You can find out more about the new Dendro reactions in the official Sumeru teaser.

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