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We discovered that Harley Quinn would be a major Gotham Knights villain earlier this week, and now we have a section of a boss fight against her to reveal.

Harley is part of one of Gotham Knights’ villain arcs, entire questlines centred around the activities of of a supervillain, which run in parallel to the main storyline. Warner Bros. Games Montreal’s version of Harley has come through her Joker and Suicide Squad phases, and is now setting out to become a master criminal on her own terms.

In terms of the context of this boss fight itself, we had game director Geoff Ellenor explain it for us:

“Right before you start the Harley boss fight, which takes place in Gotham Hospital, up until this moment, you’ve been pursuing Harley – you’ve been trying to figure out what she’s up to… But of course, this is Harley Quinn and she’s up to no good in Gotham, and ‘living your best life’ in this case means doing murderous and violent things.

“Right before the boss fight starts, you’ve finally figured out which part of the hospital she’s in and you’re about to confront Harley about everything that she’s been up to.”

You can see 7 minutes of that ensuing fight in the video above, and for more we’ve revealed as part of IGN First, check out the first 16 minutes of gameplay, a reveal of 28 different superhero suits, a look at Mr. Freeze and his chosen gang, and a rundown of how this new version of Gotham City was built.

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Author: Joe Skrebels

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