As you head further south in Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll come across a quest called The Hippogriff Marks the Spot which leads you on a treasure hunt. If you’ve completed the Solved by the Bell questline then you’ll be familiar with the area, but if not, here’s where you can find Henrietta’s Hideaway to solve the Hippogriff puzzle and get your loot.

Where to find Henrietta’s Map 

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map showing location og hippogriff marks the spot quest

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the hippogriff marks the spot puzzle diagram

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You’ll need to head to Poidsear Castle to find the treasure map, specifically to a bandit camp near the Floo Flame. If you zoom in on the map a quest marker should appear, so track the quest to find the exact location. You can use Disillusionment to sneak in and retrieve the map without a fight or clear the area of enemies first, it’s up to you. You’ll find the map scroll on a table in one of the large tents. 

Where to find Henrietta’s Hideaway 

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hogwarts legacy henrietta's hideaway map location

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hogwarts legacy hidden doorway in the cliff

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Henrietta’s Hideaway can be found near the tip at the very south of the map. You can also pick up a quest from Bainburgh, just south of Poidsear Castle, that will lead you to the hideaway called Rescuing Rococo. 

Upon arriving at the hideaway you’ll find some high-level Ashwinder enemies. You can choose to fight them all or take the easy route and sneak in a side entrance. If you head to the main entrance and then hug the wall to the right, you’ll find a hidden entrance. There will be one Ashwinder lurking, so take them out however you please or sneak past them.

Hippogriff cube puzzle

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You’ll need to solve a number of puzzles to find your treasure. When you enter the first room, you’ll see a cube with an ice symbol on a plinth with a similar symbol. There are braziers on either side of you, so light them using Incendio to get a fire cube and some treasure. Use Accio to pop the fire cube on its platform, then use Incendio and Glacius on the fire and ice cubes respectively to activate them. The door ahead will now open.

There will be some Ashwinders in the next room, so use your arsenal—spells, potions and combat plants—to take them out. Afterward, it’s time to focus your attention on the Hippogriff statue in the centre of the room.

Hippogriff torch puzzle

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hogwarts legacy hippogriff statue with braziers

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hogwarts legacy treasure-seeker treasure chest

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As the map diagram suggests, you’ll need to light the braziers around the Hippogriff statue. You’ll want to light the ones as directed on the map which, if you want to imagine it like a clock face, would be: 

  • 12 o’clock
  • 3 o’clock
  • 5 o’clock
  • 9 o’clock

Once lit, a door behind the statue will open, revealing a treasure chest. You’ll receive the Treasure-Seeker’s gloves for your trouble.  

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