How Long is Marvel’s Spider-Man 2?

With two Spider-Men, an expanded New York and a whole host of villains to contend with, you might expect some extended web-swinging action this time round, but just how long is Spider-Man 2? Here we’ll let you know exactly how many hours it took different members of the IGN team to finish the story, and what they prioritised doing with their time.

How Long is Spider-Man 2?

Our fastest player finished the story in 18 hours.

Our “slowest” player spent 25 hours before credits rolled.

Everyone plays games differently, so read on for more details about how everyone played, how long it took to reach the credits, and how much extra time players spent exploring the world. Once you’ve finished the game yourself, be sure to submit your times on How Long To Beat and see how your time compares!

Dale Driver – Executive Producer, Video Programming

Normally I’m a very story-focused player, but something about Spider-Man 2’s New York compelled me to deal with every side activity I possibly could and because of this, I clocked in 25 hours before I completed Peter and Miles’ journey.

I surprised even myself with just how much fun I had swinging my way around the city, completing any tasks that came my way and I felt like I could have spent much longer doing this if I didn’t continually bump into locked side quests because I hadn’t progressed the story enough. Spider-man 2 actively drip feeds you new side activities as you progress the story, so that was the driving factor in making sure I regularly paid attention to the main quests as well.

After finishing the story I had only two side quests and a few miscellaneous trophies left to complete before dinging the platinum trophy, so all in all I spent 27 hours but I feel confident in knowing I’ve now seen everything that the latest web-swinging adventure had to offer.

Ben Watts – Social Producer

From twiping my first web to unlocking that mighty Platinum trophy, my time with Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 clocked in around 28 hours. The time spent purely on the main story I estimate came in around the 19 hours mark, and that’s a play-through done at a fairly leisurely pace. I really wanted to make the most of putting the Spidey’s new abilities to the test, exploring just how creative my webs could get.

I tried to create a balanced experience overall and made sure I was tackling just as many side quests and hunting collectibles as I was unravelling the tangled tale. That really helped in unlocking some of the more power abilities and unique suits to use throughout the story missions but also contributed to my time with the game feeling like a complete experience. By the time I rolled credits on the story I only had to spend 2 more hours chasing down collectibles and that platinum trophy was mine.

Mark Medina – Senior Video Producer, Guides

Like many on this list, I completed Spider-Man 2’s fairly tight story in around 19 or so hours. During that time, I did a few side activities, but in an effort to not be spoiled by anyone else playing, I did go in with the intention of finishing the story as fast as I could. Which left me with most collectibles and side missions sitting incomplete. Another 10 hours or so, and the platinum trophy was mine! That said, since I popped the plat, I’ve sunk another 40 HOURS INTO THE GAME. See, I’m on IGN’s wiki team. Meaning my journey isn’t over just because I’ve collected everything, as my job requires me to make a lot of videos and take a lot of screenshots. I’m currently sitting at around 70 hours, with no end in sight, which is far more than anyone should ever have to play this game! I just want to play Assassin’s Creed Mirage man, can I please move on??

Ronny Barrier – Gameplay Producer

I finished Spider Man 2’s story right around 25 hours, with about one third of the side content completed. I stopped crimes when they popped up and took the occasional detour for a side quest, but I pretty much stuck to the main story. I don’t think I used fast travel once, so that may have extended my time somewhat. I also spent a lot of time just swinging around or flying with the web wings, just for the joy of traversing through the environment. I plan on platinuming the game, and I’ve started to work through quite a bit of the side content pretty quickly now that I’m leveled up. I imagine it’ll only take another 4-5 hours to see everything the game has to offer, and that is perfectly fine by me. Now, everyone go back to laughing at Mark!

Simon Cardy – Senior Editorial Producer

It took me around 18 hours to hit the end of Spider-Man 2’s main story. Throughout the first half, I was mixing in a fair few side missions and activities with the main quests to make sure I was still looking after the city I couldn’t stop swinging around in. But, as I steadily began to realise the repetitive nature of the open-world tasks I was being asked to perform, combined with the ever-rising tensions of the plot, I made the decision to mainline it from about the halfway point onwards.

There are 31 main missions to complete in Spider-Man 2, and while there isn’t a “point of no return” to contest with, at certain times you are locked out from side missions along the way. After finishing the fantastic story I then went back to mop up all of the optional tasks that I had left to do. This took me another nine hours, meaning I reached 100% completion and that precious platinum trophy after 27 hours in total.

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Author: Dale Driver