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You might be a fan of eSports or on the verge of joining a professional eSports team and starting your career in the esports industry. This guide will help you explain esports to your parents/guardians.


There are many reasons for your parents to understand eSports today! Most common is the fact that their children are playing too many video games. There is also the possibility that you (their child) are on the brink of signing a contract with an esports organization. However, even if none of these apply, parents should start taking notice of esports as it brings a new industry to the world, creating new job opportunities and might also be an interest for them to watch it as a sport.


Define Esports & Esports Athletes 🖥️

First of all, you need to define esports to them. By definition, eSports literally means electronic sports. Esports is used in various numbers of video games that contain a competitive element, in which athletes (esports players) compete against each other to win a prize.

Show them the facts of income 🤑

Next step is to show facts about these winnings. In 2019, a total of $221 million was given in prizes to esports teams and thus players. Another important factor to mention is that esport athelets do not make income solely from winnings, in fact that is a small % of their income as it is divided between all team players together with the organization they represent. But most of the athletes’ income comes from sponsorships. Reportedly some top tier teams have had salaries directly from sponsorships reaching a whopping $1 million per year.

Show them how big it is ! (esports ofcourse) 📈

When comparing viewership, try and find a sport that is most common in your family, such as football or soccer and compare with esports. We did it for you. In 2019, eSports saw a total of 453.8 million viewers, whilst American football just reached 180 million viewers. This shows how big esports is, considering it has entered scene relatively recently.

Drop some big brand names 🤵

Another aspect that can be mentioned is the amount of brand recognition esports is receiving, brands such as : Nike, Coca-Cola, Mountain Dew, Audi, Ford, Visa, Universal Pictures and much more.

You can show them this video too!


If you’ve done everything you can to make your parents understand your passion for esports and they still do not understand or support you, not to worry. Eventually, they will understand as the sports itself grows. In the meantime, you can still enjoy it on your own or with your friends. We hope this article helped you, if so , do us a favour and share it with your friends who want to explain esports to their parents.

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