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Here is an in-depth guide for your esports team to get sponsors both for beginners and semi-professional teams.

You form part of an esports team and you feel that you want to take it to another level by getting sponsors to support your journey. But what kind of sponsors should you be looking for? Here we will give you all the answers you need to find some sponsors to help you grow as a team.

First of all, you must know that there 2 types of sponsors in esports. Non-Endemic Sponsors which means that these brands have a service or product which is not directly related to esports. Some few examples of esports non-endemic sponsors are Nike, Audi & Redbull. Whilst on the other hand endemic sponsors are brands which have a product or service which is directly related to esports such as HyperX, Intel & Razer.

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What type of Sponsor should I look for?

Our answer varies for different scenarios. However, for teams that are not really known and are “fresh” to the scene, or maybe you’ve won some local events, we suggest going for endemic sponsors. You are more likely to get sponsored by a peripheral gaming company at first rather than a non-endamic sponsor. Sponsorships with peripheral companies usually involve in either discounted prices or free equipment, some teams have also reported that endamic sponsors can pay for events and even can just straight put you on a salary, however this is not really that common with starter teams. We also recommend that you send some emails to local shops around you, they might not me endamic sponsors, but you can always give it a chance and maybe get some discounted or free items or even better, payment.

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What can I offer for a sponsor?

For this you have put yourself in their shoes. Most sponsors just want to display their product or service to as many people as they can for a cheaper price. So, first thing is first. Open up a conversation on how you can promote their content your social media accounts. If you have a website, feel free to suggest to add a banner. Secondly, to have their logo on your team shirt. This is the most common as not only does it show that you team is serious, but also that that brand is invested in esports, this will bring more people to their shops and thus sell more service or products. You can be as creative as can be in what you can offer. But we suggest to stick to simple mindset of “showing number of eyes”, the more eyes they have looking at their business, the more profits.

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How do I get in contact with sponsors?

Once all the above mentioned is done, this is he final step in acquiring your first sponsor. We suggest that you take note of all the sponsored teams in your locality, see what sponsors they have just to get an idea what other teams are doing. However, most importantly is to search for local companies that products or services related to esports, from peripherals to tshirts, and send a quick email asking if they would be interested in sponsorship deals. Secondly, do the same thing on facebook, insta and any other social network. Be sure to create template email for this and also create another template email in response to those that would reply “yes” to your question if they are interested in sponsorships. In this template you should start by explaining what your team is, how many players you have and a small brief of the esports scene. Continue by providing your sheet that we mentioned previously on your attendance, winnings and more. Don’t forgot to show or link your website & social networks and provide with numbers, most importantly, total followers, and average weekly post reach.


This guide is a simple & effective for those players that never have experienced this important role of taking their esports team to the next level. We hope that you stick to it and persevere as it may be difficult at times. You can comment below with any other question you have, even if it is about a personal sponsorhip.

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