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You want to create your esports team without spending money. Not even 1c. Here we will show you simple steps you can do have an esports teams which is free and bound to be successful.

Step 1: It doesn’t matter what your name is

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The name you pick for your team doesn’t matter at all. If you follow the esports scene in various games, most esports organisations are the same across. Therefore, the aim of opening your own team is in the hopes of getting picked up by a professional esports organisation. If you want to create your own successful esports organisation, stay tuned, we will be doing and article on that very soon.

Step 2: Pick local players.

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One thing you can do at the very beginning that will help you reduce costs of your team, is to choose local players in your area. This will help you set up times for training without the confusion of time zones, but most importantly is the reduce costs of flying to travelling to LAN events. Most professional esports organisations report that their most expenses are travelling costs.

Step 3: Set Up Google Drive

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One of the most important things a team requires to be successful is a proper administration. Therefore we HIGHY suggest to open a google drive account to save things on the fly, Logos, Contact Numbers etc. However, the most important two files you will need on google drive are:

Training Schedule

This is a simple excel sheet in timetable format of the training schedule. You can use this to plan your training schedule and also even set dates for specific training, example for strategies or else perfecting aim etc etc.

Event Records

This is the most important and valuable thing for a beginner esports team. Here you have create an excel file taking record of every tournament or event your teams participates in. Make sure to write down all important information possible. We provided a template here.

Step 4: Set Up Social Media

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You need to grow your teams publicity. The best 2 Social Media we can recommend are Twitter & Instagram due to the simple fact of the hashtags. So, make sure to learn hashtags pretty well & remember to properly set up your social media and post regularly. Win or Lose in an event, post about it. You never know who might stumble on your posts. The equation is simple, more posts = more chance of people to follow.

Step 5: Tournaments & Events

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As a team you have to grind to get good. Prioritise LAN events as this is where most likely you can win prizes or event get spotted by professional organisations. However, the next best thing to do is to enter free online tournaments which are so easy to find.

“It’s not about the prize, it’s about winning and building a reputation for a brand.”

We provided you with a list of websites to find daily free tournaments:

Click here for more.


With these steps, if followed you will have everything you need to create an esports team without spending money. If you have a good team and keep record of your winnings you are bound for success and possibly make some big chunk of money. If you liked this article, be sure to let us know as we will be coming out with another article on how to get sponsorships for your esports team.

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