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Hideo Kojima just doesn’t have enough to do. There’s Death Stranding 2, sure, and another unknown game, the odd book, and his new podcast… but that won’t sate our modest hero, who has now announced via Twitter that Kojima Productions is working on a VR game that will be shown off very soon at TGS 2022.

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TGS 2022 runs from September 15 through Sunday the 18th. As in, this weekend.

This means Kojima Productions currently has at least three projects on the go, with Hideo Kojima himself doing even more. In terms of games, Death Stranding’s lead actor Norman Reedus simply blurted out that the sequel existed in May, responding to a question about the game with “We just started the second one.” Kojima responded to this by telling Reedus to “go to his private room,” an in-joke about his character in the game.

Then there was the recent announcement of a partnership with Xbox, where Kojima talked a lot about cloud technology. If this turns out to be a VR game I’ll eat my hat. There are no details beyond Kojima saying during the partnership announcement that this “is a game I’ve always wanted to make. It’s a completely new game, one that no-one has ever experienced or seen. I’ve waited very long for the day when I could finally start to create it.”

In the announcement of the announcement, Kojima is wearing an Oculus Quest 2 headset and wielding the official controllers, so that’s where the game will land. An underplayed element of Kojima’s creations is the horror side to things (which finally got some expression in P.T.), and if he’s going down that path… this thing is going to result in some soiled underwear.

Aside from this, Kojima’s been busy doing a podcast about how great he is with Spotify. It’s called Brain Structure and, as with all of Kojima’s work, the title and image could be self-aggrandising irony, or dead serious. Judge for yourself here.

There are no further details on what Kojima Productions’ VR game will be, unless we want to try and start extrapolating from the Joy Division t-shirt he’s wearing. We’ll find out soon enough.

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