Insomniac Games and General Mills Are Selling Limited Edition Spider-Man 2 Wheaties for $70

Insomniac Games and General Mills have teamed up to bring you limited-edition Spider-Man 2 Wheaties for a web-slinging price of $70.

The cereal company announced the limited run of the novelty Wheaties cereal on its website Thursday to celebrate the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 on the PS5, giving fans a close-up view of Peter Parker and Miles Morales in their respective Spider-Man suits. The $70 price tag applies to the Wheaties box with an acrylic case, while the box without the case will only run you $45 each.

If you’re balking at the $45 price point for the Spider-Man 2 Wheaties box, let alone $70, there’s at least two special surprises in each one. First, they carry the Spider-Man 2 prequel comic, originally published for Free Comic Book Day on May 6, that sees Peter, Miles, and MJ going up against The Hood, a villain with supernatural abilities that rival both Spider-Men. The second is a PSN voucher code to redeem a digital collectible of the Spider-Man 2 Wheaties from PlayStation Stars, the loyalty program for PS5 owners.

As of this writing, the Spider-Man 2 Wheaties box with the acrylic case has been sold out. Only 500 of those boxes were printed out, as it was a collector’s item. The box without the acrylic case is still in stock, as only 2,000 of them were made.

Buying one box with Peter and the other with Miles on it will cost you $140 if you buy the acrylic variants and $90 for the regular boxes. Either way, your grocery bill will be as high as the Empire State Building.

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Author: Cristina Alexander