Kingdom Hearts: Missing-Link Mobile Game Gets Teaser Trailer and Release Window

The Kingdom Hearts: Missing-Link mobile game has received a teaser trailer from Square Enix alongside an iOS and Android release window of 2024.

The trailer gives fans a sneak preview of the story, which centers on the player character traveling to Scala ad Caelum in the astral plane sometime after the events of Kingdom Hearts Union χ, and a new gameplay mechanic that involves traveling throughout the world without setting foot outside your home and collecting character pieces that grant you specific powers.

Square Enix is also recruiting testers from Australia and the UK for the closed beta test of Kingdom Hearts: Missing-Link, which will begin next month. There are only 3,000 spots open, however, with an even split between Android and iOS owners.

Those who want to participate in the closed beta have until November 19 to apply on the game’s website. The testing period for the iOS version runs from November 29 through December 8, while testing for the Android version is scheduled for January 2024.

Kingdom Hearts: Missing-Link was announced alongside Kingdom Hearts 4 at the series’ 20th Anniversary event in 2022, with Square Enix describing the game’s story as taking place in “an unwritten era”. The characters roaming around Scala ad Caelum and the societies they were a part of have long been forgotten, and the game’s era serves as a missing link between the Union χ era and the current one.

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Author: Cristina Alexander