Lorcana Reveals Its Strongest Card and It’s Goofy

Previews are in full swing for the second set of the Disney Lorcana trading card game, titled Rise of the Floodborn, and gawrsh, today’s new card is a bombshell. Publisher Ravensburger revealed the strongest Lorcana card ever printed, stats-wise, and it’s Goofy – Knight for a Day.

Goofy is known for his silly personality and boisterous sense of humor, which may not seem fitting for a super strong card, but this Goofy is a Dreamborn type, meaning he’s been given a radical twist. In this case, he’s become a dashing knight complete with armor and a two-handed claymore so big it would make Cloud Strife jealous – which certainly accounts for his immense power level. Sir Goofy is a Steel card that costs nine ink to play and has 10 strength, 10 willpower, and four Lore, making him an absolute powerhouse in every sense of the word. In fact, he’s the first card to have stats that go into double digits, giving him the highest attack and defense values in the game. He’s also tied for having the highest Lore count in the game.

“Lore” is essentially a victory point, with the goal of Lorcana being to reach 20 before the opponent to secure the win, so having four Lore is nothing to sneeze at. Most characters have one or two Lore, but Goofy can get you one-fifth of the way to victory with just one swing.

As of this writing, there are only three other cards that come close to Goofy’s knightly power. The nine-cost Maleficent – Monstrous Dragon has seven strength, five willpower, and two Lore and can banish a character when she comes into play. She’s easily one of the best cards in the game and four copies are run in the Tier 1 Ruby/Amethyst control deck.

Next is Mickey Mouse – Brave Little Tailor, who has five strength, five will power, and four Lore and Evasive (can’t be challenged). He sometimes shows up in Evasive-heavy Ruby/Amethyst builds.

Then there’s Maui – Demigod, an eight-cost bruiser with eight strength, eight will power, and three Lore. While his stats are beefy, he’s still a vanilla card with no effect, so he’s not very popular among players, but he does still get some fringe play in certain Steel decks because, at the end of the day, big stats are big stats, and it’s nice to have a big dude to play if the game goes long. If Goofy sees play, it will probably be in a similar role.

Goofy isn’t the only classic Disney character to defy expectations. Donald Duck is one of the most powerful mages in video games.

For more on how to play Lorcana, check out IGN’s rundown of the game and our positive first impression of the gameplay.

The release date for Rise of the Floodborn is November 17 for hobby shops and December 1 for mass market retail stores. Goofy is only a regular rare, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a copy – that is, if you can get your hands on some booster packs. Lorcana made such a big splash when it debuted in September that there’s not enough product to meet demand, leaving many players unable to find cards, but Ravensburger has promised more product is on the way.

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Author: Joshua Yehl