Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Interactive Map and Collectible Locations

Just like the first, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is filled to the brim with interesting things to do to distract you from the main story. There are collections to find, like Spider-Bots and photo ops; plus side activities to complete, like EMF Experiments and hunter bases, all around New York City. Though many of these have indications of their location in-game, not all of them are clear. IGN’s Spider-Man 2 Interactive Map includes every location of every collectible (including the hard-to-find Spider-Bots), side missions, and side activities, with a trackable checklist and links to thorough guides to make your quest for 100% completion an easy one.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Interactive Map

These are the most important map markers that you can filter with when using the Spider-Man 2 interactive map:

  • Points of Interest (for Trophies!)
  • Collections: Marko’s Memories, Photo Op locations, Spider-Bots, Mysteriums
  • Side Missions: FNSM App Requests, The Flame, Cultural Museum, Brooklyn Visions
  • Prowler Stash Locations
  • EMF Experiments
  • Unidentified Target Drones
  • Hunter Blinds and Bases
  • Symbiote Nests

Spider-Bot Locations Map

The 42 Spider-Bots are a collectible of tiny robotic spiders spread throughout New York City, which unlock after the “Science Buddy” Main Story Mission. They’re unique as they’re the only collectibles in Spider-Man 2 that aren’t marked directly on the map (unless you unlock a specific perk). Instead, you need to locate them by the large colorful spheres they pulse periodically.

Finding them will reward you with tech parts needed to unlock suits and upgrades, and if you find all of them, you’ll get a cool final mission with an easter egg.

EMF Experiment Locations Map

EMF Experiments are just one of many side activities in Spider-Man 2. As Peter, your goal is to complete a variety of experiments to help the Emily-May Foundation. Once you’ve found them with the map, use our EMF Experiments guide to learn how to solve each of the different puzzles.

Photo Op Locations Map

Use the interactive map to see exactly the angle you’ll need to fulfill all 23 Photo Op requests. You can see the images Spider-Man 2 expects of you by clicking on the points. You’ll get XP and City Tokens for completing these!

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Author: Casey DeFreitas