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If you have a low-spec computer and are looking to play some Mmorpgs, this is the place for you, as we countdown the best mmorpgs that nearly any computer can play.

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Adventure Quest 3d (AQ3D)

This game doesn’t require much and it is very good for low end pc’s. It offers questing, looting and a pretty amazing dungeon experience. It is also great to play with your friends. If you are looking for something that is similar to World Of Warcraft, this game is perfect. It’s free to play and the developers are very active and take community suggestions. Also, the game is cross-platform as it can be played on pc, smartphone and tablets. So go ahead and gather your friends, you have an adventure waiting.

In Short:

  • Free to Play
  • Low Requirements
  • Cross Platform (IOS, Android & Desktop)
  • Developers Active
  • Great Questing & Dungeon Experience
  • Includes Funny Content

Drakensang Online

Although at some times this game can be quite extensive, it doesn’t require a lot of graphics. Low to Mid spec desktops can run this game perfectly. I thing we suggest to all new players to this game is to let the updates finish entirely when first downloading the game. Apart form that this is a great all encompassing game, with quests, great loot, raiding, dungeons & an all round great mmorpg experience. Drakensang is not cross platform, however it has a very gothic ambient to it, if you are into that. Also offers different classes and super fun to play with your friends.

In Short:

  • Free to Play
  • Low-Mid Spec
  • Developers Active
  • Intense Raiding & Dungeons
  • Extensive Looting
  • Pretty Hardcore

Albion Online

This game is very creative, as it has no specific story line of questing to follow. As it is a “sandbox” game, you are free to do whatever you want. It doesn’t even have classes or levels! It is more focused on what you want to do in the game, be it crafting, adventures, building your own town, raiding or even pvp. The game has minimal graphics with low-polygon, making it perfect for any old platform to run. It is cross platform meaning all devices can play this game simultaneously.

In Short:

  • Free to play
  • Cross Platform (IOS, Android & Desktop)
  • Minimal Questing
  • Lots of Features (PVP, PVE, Player Housing, Crafting & more)
  • Very Low Graphics
  • Large Community Player Base


Trove is another sandbox game, based on art for Minecraft as one can see with the “blocky” artistic style. However, this game blew us away with the quality of level design together with the fantastic class design. It offers a great mmorpg to play with friends, with massive amounts of dungeons & exceptionally hard raid bosses with a very good reward system for loot.
One feature that stood out for us, is the wardrobe, every skin you loot you can add to the wardrobe and switch cosmetic visual weapons and armor with 1 single click. It also offers player housing, mining, pvp and much more.

In Short:

  • Free To Play
  • Minecraft Style
  • Fantastic Dungeon & Raid Experience
  • Massive Collection of Cosmetic Items
  • Very low requirements

MapleStory 2

Don’t let the child-like art style fool you! This game is very entertaining and very hard at times. With many bosses with different strategies, you must team up with people to bring them down. The game also offers a good quest experience with nice combat animation. It is great if you want to embark on an mmorpg journey with your friends.

In Short:

  • Free to Play
  • Low Spec
  • Boss Fights
  • Social MMORPG
  • Great Questing Experience
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