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We’ve been recommending the NeueChair as the best office/task chair for years, even since before I joined as overlord of PC Gamer’s hardware coverage. As I’d not had the privilege of trying out the chair for myself, however, I wanted to make sure that it was a recommendation I could stand behind.

But I’m not going to stand behind it, I have to sit on it because, damn, it sure is a comfy chair. 

Coming from the same stable as the best gaming chairs—the Secretlab Titan Evo—it’s no surprise that the NeueChair is an outstanding seat. But it is very much a task chair, not a gaming chair.

By that I mean it’s designed to be used while working at a desk, not to lounge in while kicking back with a controller in-hand. It’s not that it’s uncomfortable in its fully reclined state, but even with the optional headrest it’s not a position that you’re going to want to be sat in for a long haul gaming session.

NeueChair specs

A pair of NeueChair office chairs on a black background

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Chair type: Office / Task chair
Material (frame): ADC12 Aluminium
Material (fabric): 3-layer NeueMesh
85 – 130°
Lumbar support: Built-in, adjustable
Seat-depth: Adjustable~
Weight: 29kg
Load: <110kg
Warranty: 12-year (excl. wear and tear)
Price: $729

The active position, however, is perfectly supportive and I really feel like my spine is being looked after by that mesh backing and adjustable lumbar support. The wide seat feels good, though is certainly not as giving as some squishier gaming chairs I’ve parked my posterior in.

I know it’s looking after my body because I can’t actually get one leg underneath me to sit in my usually preferred—though posturally abysmal—relaxed working position. I’m forced to sit in the correct manner, and I do actually feel better for it while I’m sat at my desk during the working day.

Though there is still a part of me that wants to lounge around of an evening, and the NeueChair isn’t designed for that. That’s clear in the more limited recline than you can ‘achieve’ with a more gaming-focused chair, such as that Titan Evo. The NeueChair will only go back to 130°, while the Secretlab will stretch all the way to 165°. Y’know, for sleep. 

I mean, it is an office chair, after all, and one of the absolute best, too. But there are few offices that really want to encourage that level of workday relaxation where you’re practically horizontal at your desk.

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NeueChair chair

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NeueChair chair

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Buy if…

You want a quality chair that will keep you engaged: The upright positioning of the NeueChair is very much designed with the office in mind, keep you comfortable while in an active position at your desk.

You need rock-solid build quality: The 12-year warranty is testament to the longevity of this seriously sturdy chair.

Don’t buy if…

You love to lounge: You’re not going to be as laid back in the NeueChair as with more gaming-focused designs, and it’s not as comfortable to do so, either.

You’re on a tight budget: As with all good, dedicated office chairs, the NeueChair is expensive. And doesn’t even come with a headrest as standard. It’s not Herman Miller expensive, but it’s not far off double a Secretlab gaming chair.

That’s highlighted by the smart Controlshift controls located beneath each armrest. The two levers allow you lock or unlock the recline, anywhere between its 85 – 130° possible angle, and to raise and lower the chair. The armrests themselves are a bit of a disappointment, however, given that you can only raise them on a ratchet mechanism and they don’t quite go high enough for my desk. They also don’t move in or out to support your elbows. 

You also don’t get that headrest as standard, which adds a not-inconsiderable amount to the cost of the chair if you do want it. Considering I think it’s more suited to the active position than reclining, I don’t actually think it’s a big miss not having the headrest.

The NeueChair is certainly built to last, with a gleaming heavy industrial design that won’t look out of place in the funkiest of offices. Home or otherwise. That’s backed up by a hefty 12-year warranty, which goes some way to offsetting some of our concerns over it’s otherwise high price.

But it is the most comfortable office chair I’ve ever sat in, and if you’re going to be at your desk most of the day working, as well as into the night gaming, then it’s worthy investment to keep your spine healthy. Though, remember, it’s worth getting up and walking about every now and then.

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