Where do Nvidia’s priorities lie these days? Believe it or not, the company recently said at the Future Computer conference that it dedicates a whole lot more time on the software side of things than it does hardware.

Twitter user @7innivator (via sweclockers) highlighted some interesting quotes from Manuvir Das, Nvidia’s director of enterprise computing, who told attendees at the conference that “at Nvidia, we spend 20% of our time on the hardware and 80% of our time on the software.”

It’s tough to imagine that 80/20 split considering Nvidia is in the middle of launching its new RTX 40-series GPUs. Das’ statement is a reminder that Nvidia has other irons in the fire, and graphics cards are only part of what it’s trying to achieve. 

Aside from its impressive DLSS supersampling and frame-rate generation tech, Nvidia recently launched a new modding platform called RTX Remix that lets modders easily add AI-enhanced RTX mods to classic DirectX 8 and DirectX 9 games. It’s also developing more consumer-focused AI-assisted video tools like RTX Broadcast. 

AI was a big topic at the conference, and the Nvidia exec called artificial intelligence a “full-stack problem,” requiring solutions from both the hardware and software side. AI also plays a huge role in Nvidia’s Omniverse platform, which leverages the computing power of its GPUs, things like making a digital Earth 2.

“We are continually working on the algorithms to understand what our hardware can and cannot do,” said Das. 

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