Erase and rewind.

Pixel art game fans, still thy heart: Cassette Beasts is coming to you from a team who’ve worked on Starbound, Wargroove, and Stardew Valley. Pokémon and Digimon fans, still thy heart as well, because Cassette Beasts is all about catching, training, collecting and fusing monsters together to create unique, powerful creatures to battle alongside you.

Now, the open-world game has been confirmed for Switch, thanks to a partnership with publisher Raw Fury.

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Rainbow Six Siege UKIN Rainbow Rumble will feature £25,000 in prizing for teams in the UK, Ireland and Europe

Ubisoft has announced the 2021 UKIN (UK Ireland Nationals) Rainbow Rumble, a multi-stage Rainbow Six Siege tournament featuring a £25,000 prize pot.

The tournament will take place over several months and promises to feature ‘hundreds of hours of top level esports action’.

The event begins on Saturday October 30th, where teams from across the UK, Ireland and Europe will take part in two qualifying tournaments over two weeks.

The top four teams in each qualifier will make it to the group stage.

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The most mysterious omissions in Nintendo history.

Any longtime Nintendo fan knows that the company’s third-party publishing partners can be fair-weather friends. Plenty of the industry’s biggest franchises have been absent from Nintendo hardware for quite some time. In some cases, Nintendo’s own bold decisions over cartridges and standard definition gaming have cost them key entries in series that were once synonymous with their brand.

But, thanks to the Switch’s popularity, some of the most infamous games to skip Nintendo hardware have come home. Square’s ambitious Final Fantasy VII was once too big to fit on an N64 cart, a factor in driving the longtime Nintendo partner to opt for optical disc media on Sony’s PlayStation. The move apparently had Nintendo telling Square “never come back.”

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The grape of things to come.

Garden Story, an adorable RPG about a little grape on a big quest, has been out for two months already, which means it’s time for the big, free Autumn Update! After all, a game about gardens needs to keep in-season.

The Autumn Update will add the following to the game:

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Get ready to square up, FighterZ! Dragon Ball FighterZ, the critically acclaimed 2D fighting game, is coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S with Xbox Game Pass on October 21!   Dragon Ball FighterZ was born from what makes the Dragon Ball series so loved and famous: endless spectacular fights with its all-powerful fighters. […]