PlayStation 5: How to Buy a PS5 Before Christmas 2021

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Retailers are getting more PS5 stock all the time, but it can come and go so quickly it’s not hard to get disheartened by multiple failed attempts to acquire the elusive console.

But, there is still hope if you want to get a PS5 before Christmas 2021, so we’ve included all of our top tips on how to secure the console right here. For now, our first suggestion is following @IGNDeals on Twitter for instant PS5 stock updates.

Register for a Chance to Buy a PS5

Sony has opened up a direct registration system that will give those in the US a chance to purchase a PS5 this holiday season. There will be a limited number of consoles available, but if you want to be within a chance, all you need to do is register for an invitation using your email and PSN ID (see here).

Advice for Getting a PS5 Before Christmas

PS5 on Black Friday 2021

Most of the major retailer sites in the US had PS5 stock ready and waiting for Black Friday in 2020. Yes, it was a new console, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s still difficult to find the console even a year later. We’re fully expecting a repeat of this, so keep an eye out at Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, GameStop and more during our Black Friday coverage.

Add the Console to Your Wishlist

Another great way is to have the console on your wish list for the site, such as Amazon, as this will allow the servers to more easily move the console into your basket.

Follow IGN Deals on Twitter for PS5 Stock Updates

For the most up-to-the-second information about where you can find PS5 in stock at any given time, you’ll want to follow IGN Deals on Twitter. Since the stock of the new console is likely to sell out within a matter of minutes after it goes live, your best bet is to follow our deals team on Twitter, where we’ll post links as soon as they go live.

Be Logged Into Retailer Websites

When an online retailer gets PS5 in stock, it seems like everyone on the planet is scrambling to lock in their order. Retailer websites often become ultra-buggy thanks to all the stress on their servers.

Your best bet for getting a PS5 when orders become available is to already be logged into your account, and to have your credit card information saved there. That way you won’t waste precious seconds entering your credit card number, billing address, etc. while everyone around you is successfully checking out.

Where to Buy PS5 Right Now

You can’t currently just buy a PS5 when you want to, you need to be ready and waiting for when the stock goes live at the retailers we’ve listed below.

Some retailers will give warning, which we’ll often announce on our deals Twitter page @IGNDeals. For now, here are all the retailer pages you’ll need to keep primed and ready for when stock is available.

When Will the PS5 Be Coming Back in Stock?

PS5 is getting new stock all the time at US retailers. Keep an eye on @IGNDeals for new updates.

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