During the recent Pokemon Presents event, the Pokemon Company made a slew of announcements. We’re getting a new Netflix show, Scarlet and Violet are getting expansions, and perhaps most importantly, you can buy a new gadget. The gadget in question is the Pokmeon Go Plus+ (pronounced, I assume, Pokemon Go Plus Plus), an improved version of the original Pokemon Go accessory. It’s set to release July 21, but you can preorder it now (see it at Best Buy). And you probably should, because preorders have already sold out at two of the three retailers with listings.

Preorder Pokemon Go Plus+

  • See it at Best Buy – $54.99
  • See it at Nintendo Store – SOLD OUT
  • See it at Target – SOLD OUT

Pokemon Go Plus+ (it’s a silly name, but honestly it’s fun to say) works with Pokemon Go, and with the upcoming game/app Pokemon Sleep. It uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology to sync with your phone without nuking the battery life.

In Pokemon Go, the Plus+ device can spin PokeStops and throw Poke Balls automatically, including Great and Ultra Balls. It also lets you take on Special Research to catch a Snorlax wearing a nightcap.

As for Pokemon Sleep, it does a little more. If you press and hold the center button and put the device by your pillow, it will do several things. It tracks your sleep, with data it feeds into the Pokemon Sleep app. There’s also apparently a Pikachu inside your Pokemon Go Plus+. It can sing you to sleep and act as an alarm. The little critter becomes “friendlier” the more you use it and makes more sounds over time. Says Nintendo’s marketing, “depending on how you sleep, you can collect more Pokemon to complete the sleep Pokedex!”

As mentioned earlier, if you want one of these things, you should probably preorder it sooner than later. Pokemon Go Plus+ isn’t the only physical item Nintendo has struggled to keep in stock, even during the preorder window. Metroid Prime Remastered also sold out everywhere before it even came out, and is still next to impossible to find in stock. So if you want a Pokemon Go Plus+, lock in that preorder.

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Author: Chris Reed