You Can Now Preorder the Dark Souls Trilogy Anniversary Compendium at a Discount in the UK

Dark Souls fan? Well then you’ll no doubt be excited to hear that Future Press are releasing a ’25th Anniversary Edition’ of their legendary Dark Souls Trilogy Compendium. The reprint of the iconic companion guide will feature a wealth of information on every single minute detail in the games. The compendium will be released on 31st March 2024 but you can head over to Amazon now to secure your preorder.

It’s currently down to £47.85, a small but still notable discount from its RRP of £49.99. If you’ve already preordered, have no fear, as Amazon’s preorder price gurantee means you’ll pay the lowest price listed during the preorder period.

Just to head off any potential confusion, it’s worth pointing out that this is marking the 25th anniversary of the first Future Press game guide ever printed, not the 25th anniversary of the Dark Souls games themselves (the first game was released in 2011). Be sure to preorder this guide quickly because the original has been out of print for a while and is incredibly hard to find, so if you’re wanting an in-depth guide for Dark Souls, this is your only chance.

Future Press describes the limited edition reprint as featuring, “The enemies, items, equipment, areas and NPC dialogue of each game are all presented in an easy-to-reference format. This beautifully laid out book is designed to make it easy to find what you’re looking for—each entry is color-coded by game, and everything is fully indexed.”

Future Press isn’t going to be reprinting this again, so this really is your only chance to move on it. It will feature “unique 25th Anniversary branding and some slight changes to the slipcase and cover” but otherwise the re-release will be identical to the original Dark Souls Trilogy printing.

The reprint features 480 pages that dive into the core story beats of the Dark Souls games, alongside a complete World Guide for each title and its DLCs, and even four unique bonus art prints “that show the beauty of FromSoftware’s character designs”.

Dark Souls isn’t the only game guide that Future Press makes though. They also make great Official Strategy Guides for Elden Ring (Vol.1 & Vol. 2). Both of which can be copped for just £40 on Amazon at the moment.

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Author: Joe O’Neill-Parker