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Stuck on the Quordle April 22 (87) answer? Really I should say “answers”, since this challenging Wordle spin-off has you guessing four five-letter words at the same time. And even if that’s somehow too easy for you, there’s always Octordle (which has you hunting for eight, if you know your Latin), and Redactle which… honestly I can’t keep up anymore.

If, when you’re choosing a game like Wordle to do on the daily, and your appetite for challenge is a little more sensible, then Quordle may well feature in your regular routine. It’s still often difficult, so here I’ve put together some clues to help you nail down the quartet of missing terms within your nine available attempts, and the full answer if you’re still stuck after that. Spoilers follow, naturally.

Quordle April 22: Hints to get you started

I get it: you don’t have many guesses left, you’re almost there, but just need a little more help to get over the line without resorting to being given the full answer. With that in mind, here’s a clue for each word:

  • Word 1: A type of loose clothing, and a recent action game featuring a cute fox.
  • Word 2: Someone prejudiced against a certain group of people.
  • Word 3: Overwhelmed by emotion, typically admiration or attraction.
  • Word 4: A type of pocket or bag. One of these increases the number of Elden Ring talismans you can carry.

 The full Quordle 87 answer 

If that hint doesn’t quite get you there, there’s no shame here. If you’re keen to keep up your successful streak, then the Quordle April 22 answer is:


How Quordle works

If you’ve played Josh Wardle’s popular puzzler, you’ll have a good idea of how to play Quordle: it’s like Wordle, but you’re trying to find four five-letter words instead of just one. You also have nine attempts, rather than six.

Quordle’s similarities mean that similar tips apply. Starting words like “RAISE” are good because they contain three common vowels that are all different, which gives you a good chance of seeing some coloured boxes revealing themselves. 

⬛️ means the letter you’ve guessed doesn’t appear in the word, 🟨 that it does appear, but your guess had it in the wrong place, and 🟩 the letter is correct and in the right place. Follow this up with further guesses (as long as they’re actual words) as more yellow and green boxes pop up. 

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