Realm of Ink Announced for PC and Consoles

Developer Maple Leaf and Leap Studio and publisher 663 Games have announced Realm of Ink, and upcoming roguelite with a beautiful Chinese ink painting art style that’s in development for PC and consoles and due out in Q1 2024.

The rich story and world are set up as such by the developer: “The story unfolds in a virtual realm called “Ink Realm,” where inhabitants unknowingly exist as mere fabrications within a fictional world. Controlled by the mysterious Book Spirit, they obediently follow predetermined fates, oblivious to their cyclical lives.” You’ll begin by playing as the swordsman Danzhu before unlocking additional characters, defeating four bosses along the way, learning about your fictional fate as you find the long-lost Ink Gems with the help of the ancient Scriptbound Fox.

There are four uniquely themed areas, and you’ll unlock new combat moves and styles as you progress. You’ll also have Ink Pets at your side along the way, described by the development team as such: “Mysterious in origin and adorable in appearance, the Ink Pets will be your companions. As the Ink Gems level up, your Ink Pets will also undergo a transformation, becoming more powerful to fight alongside you!”

To learn more about Realm of Ink and to track its progress as it heads towards its release date, wishlist it on Steam.

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Author: Ryan McCaffrey