Sam Lake says Alan Wake 2 will get free DLC that is ‘pretty significant’

Remedy’s Garth Marenghi simulator Alan Wake was followed by two DLC episodes, The Signal and The Writer, which continued on from its climax. At EGX, Remedy’s creative director Sam Lake confirmed that the upcoming sequel, Alan Wake 2, will also receive DLC—both paid and free—after its launch.

“We do have free DLCs drops coming,” Lake said, “and they too are pretty significant. I’m expecting us to be going more into detail pretty soon after the game is out, but all of that will be free for everyone who gets the game.”

Back in August, Joshua Wolens attended a preview event at Gamescom, where he described Alan Wake 2 as feeling like Remedy’s attempt to combine the best games it’s ever made: “You’ve got the austere, blocky title cards and discomfiting dreaminess of Control, the regular dips into live action of Quantum Break, and, look, Remedy can do whatever nominative sleight of hand it wants, but I know Max Payne when I see him, and ‘detective Alex Casey,’ who appears every now and then, is old Max through and through.”

Alan Wake 2 will apparently be more of a survival horror game than the original, and will involve playing as an FBI Agent named Saga Anderson as well as horror author/dreamweaver Alan Wake. It’ll be out on October 27, and will be releasing on the Epic Games Store.

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