Scammers Are Exploiting Apple’S ICloud Storage To Steal CSGO Skins

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Scamming is not a new thing in the world of esports, and it isn’t only limited to in-game currencies and cosmetics.

Over the years, scam artists have come up with a variety of ways to rip off victims for thousands of dollars a day, and it seems like they’re resorting to a new method that not many are aware of.

This scamming method works by exploiting Apple’s iCloud storage system, and if you’re not actively monitoring your data and where it’s stored, you might find yourself falling victim to this method as well.

In this method, the scammers can gain complete access to your Steam account using the backup images of iPhones, which, ironically, is aimed at safeguarding your data.

Scammers can then hack into your iCloud storage to gain access to your Steam account once they enable the option to receive 2FA codes on the desktop instead of mobile.

From there, it only takes a few seconds for scammers to transfer all your skins from your account to theirs.

You can also find yourself receiving a VAC ban on one or more of your games if the scammer decides to do so.


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