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Good news, squid kids: Splatoon 3 is set to release exclusively for Nintendo Switch sometime this summer. The latest in the series of paint-blasting online shooters from Nintendo, Splatoon 3 promises all kinds of goopy mayhem across a handful of modes. It’s now available for preorder at a number of retailers, both in physical and digital formats (see it at Amazon).

Splatoon 3: Where to Preorder

Physical Copy

  • Get it at Amazon – $59.99
  • Get it at Best Buy – $59.99
  • Get it at GameStop – $59.99
  • Get it at Walmart – $59.99

Digital Copy

  • Get it at Amazon – $59.99
  • Get it at Best Buy – $59.99
  • See it at Nintendo eShop – Not yet available

Physical copies are widely available for preorder. Digital copies aren’t available everywhere, but they are up for preorder at the above retailers.

Splatoon Amiibo

  • Get it at GameStop – $29.99
  • Also at Amazon – $37.50
  • Also at Walmart – $36.37

Nintendo has released a number of amiibo for Splatoon, but most of them are out of stock or for sale by third parties for wildly high prices. That said, the Splatoon 3-pack is up at GameStop for the standard MSRP, and at other retailers for a small markup.

Splatoon 3 Trailers

What Is Splatoon 3?

Splatoon 3 brings players to the Splatlands, a cartoonish wasteland that’s home to paint battles of all kinds. First there’s a story mode that finds Agent 3 facing off against the Octarian army, plus something about the “return of the Mammalians.”

Turf War is back with its four-on-four battles, this time giving players a number of new moves based on dodging and maneuverability, plus a bow-like weapon to fling ink at your enemies and the surrounding area. The co-op mode Salmon Run also returns “with fresh new features.”

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Author: Chris Reed

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