Star Wars Jedi: Survivor continues the legend of Cal Kestis, intertwining his fate deeper into Star Wars lore. By the end of Jedi: Survivor’s roughly 20-hour playthrough time (per How Long to Beat), you’ll have witnessed a story that spans two eras of Star Wars and features numerous surprise twists, so we’re going to explain exactly what went down.

Keep reading below the spoiler break to know everything that happens at the end of Jedi: Survivor, and what it might mean for a potential sequel.

Warning! Spoilers for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor below, including a full breakdown of the ending and big story beats.

What Happens at the End of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor?

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor does a fun little thing where each time you think the game is going to end, it doesn’t. Instead, the final third of the game is full of twists and turns that will leave your ship spinning. So let’s jump right in.

Early on, Jedi: Survivor sets up Dagan Gera, a rogue Jedi from the High Republic era who’s been preserved for centuries in Bacta, as the game’s primary villain. His desire for revenge against the Jedi for betraying him, and the secret planet of Tanalorr, drives the main conflict of the game for the most part.

Cal, aided by a Force mirage of Santari Khri, defeats Dagan and regains the compass that will help lead him and his team to Tanalorr which they plan on using as a secret base away from the Empire’s gaze. However, this is where the game’s big twist comes in.

Bode’s Betrayal

Throughout the game, Cal is assisted by his friends including new ally Bode Akuna. Bode is a gunslinger mercenary new to the game, but it’s established that he and Cal have run various missions for the Resistance since the events of Fallen Order.

Well, it turns out Bode is not only working for the Empire as a spy for the ISB but is also a former Jedi who survived the Jedi Purge brought on by Order 66. While hiding from the Empire, Bode met an unnamed woman, fell in love, and together had a daughter named Kata. The Empire discovered Bode and killed his wife, but he struck a deal with the leader of Imperial Intelligence to work as their operative in exchange for protecting his daughter from the Inquisitors. Bode played the part, that is until he learned of Tanalorr during his adventure with Cal. While Cal wanted to use the hidden planet of Tanalorr as a secret base for the resistance, Bode saw it as a sanctuary where he could escape the Empire and live with his daughter in peace.

In a shocking twist, Bode reveals his true nature by killing Eno Cordova and stealing the compass to Tanalorr. To make matters worse, he calls in the Empire to attack Cere Junda’s hidden base on Jedha and Cere sacrifices herself to hold off Darth Vader while everyone else escapes. Cal tries to chase Bode but is defeated when Bode reveals himself to be a Force-user, complete with red lightsaber.

Cal’s Brush With the Dark Side

Reeling from Bode’s betrayal, Cal tracks him down to the ISB headquarters on Nova Garon, where he meets young Kata. However, it was a trap set by Bode to intentionally lead Cal to him and destroy the ISB..

Cal confronts ISB Chief Supervisor Denvik, the one who recruited Bode as a spy and is effectively responsible for this whole mess. Cal almost Force chokes him to death before Merrin calms him down, saying that the Empire took enough and she didn’t want to lose him too.

As Cal pursues Bode, he finds himself surrounded by over a dozen troops and, driven by his thirst for vengeance, embraces the Dark Side to tear through them. Bode manages to escape with Kara and flees to Tanalorr using the stolen compass. With an assist from Zee, Cal, Merrin, and Greez eventually find their own way to Tanalorr.

The Final Confrontation With Bode

Having both lost their own families, Cal and Merrin plan to offer Bode a chance to surrender in order to spare Kata from losing her father, but when they confront him, he refuses to see reason and attacks. When Bode gains the upper hand and begins to pummel Cal, Cal once again channels the Dark Side and uses it to defeat him. A lightsaber at his throat, Bode is given another chance to give up but instead uses it to attack once more, knocking back Kata with a Force push and Force choking Merrin. As Bode and Cal have a standoff, Bode goes to shoot, but his blaster malfunctions forcing Cal to shoot Bode twice in the chest.

What Happens to Cal, Merrin, Greez and Kata in the End?

With Dagan and Bode defeated, the crew of the Mantis have secured Tanalorr and plan to use it as a hidden base for the resistance against the Empire. Cal says they’ll use it as a sanctuary for the Hidden Path, which is what Cere would have wanted. (You’ll remember the Hidden Path from the Obi-Wan Kenobi show on Disney+, a secret underground network used to help Jedi survivors escape the Empire.) They hold a funeral for Cere, Cordova, and Bode, and they pledge to care for Kata now that she’s been robbed of her family in part due to their own actions.

Cere also appears to Cal in a vision uring him to “Guide her through the darkness,” presumably meaning Kata who just lost her father. However, it should be noted that Cere doesn’t appear as a blue Force ghost, but rather a more imminent form which is a secret Jedi tecnuqiue.

Cal and Merrin’s romantic relationship blossomed over the course of the game, and in the end, Cal says that the Jedi Order is gone and that he wants to be with Merrin now. This is a big departure from the usual stories Star Wars tells because the Jedi Code forbids attachment, but as Cal said, the Jedi and their rules are no more, so he’s free to follow his heart.

By the end of the game, Cal and Merrin essentially become foster parents to Kata, with Greez as the grumpy uncle who cooks his signature scazz steak for family dinner. Though not much is said about plans for Kata’s future, it seems a strong possibility that Cal will train her in the ways of the Jedi. When Cal first met Kata, she displayed an unusually strong sense of intuition, not unlike young Leia did in the Obi-Wan Kenobi show, which hints that she is Force-sensitive like her father. If a third game in the Star Wars Jedi series materializes, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Kata as Cal’s Padawan.

Another possibility for a potential Star Wars Jedi 3 is Cal finally using Dark Side Force powers. Throughout the second game he struggled to contain his rage and often his emotions got the better of him, resulting in awesome displays of Dark Side power. It could be that the third entry is when he finally uses his aggressive feelings and lets the hate flow through him. Thus far in the series Cal has had relatively few Force powers, so this would give him a few more exciting gameplay options–top among them, Force lightning.

That’s our run-down of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s ending. For more, check out IGN’s review for our full take on Respawn’s newest Star Wars game.

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Author: Matt Kim