Starfield console commands: Cheats for becoming the invincible master of space

Want to use Starfield console commands to enable cheats in Bethesda’s space RPG? With these codes you can turn on god mode to become invulnerable to all damage, or give yourself free money you and buy every spaceship in the galaxy. These Starfield cheats also let you walk through walls, instantly gain levels for your character, increase your carrying capacity, and add items to your inventory like lockpicks and ammunition.

More good news: if you’ve played a Bethesda RPG like Skyrim or Fallout 4 and used console commands to cheat, many of Starfield’s console commands are identical and work exactly the same way.

Warning: using console commands can sometimes cause glitches, crashes, and other problems, so please save your game before experimenting with them.

Spoiler alert: One of the console commands gives away an aspect of Starfield that you might not want to know about until you experience it in the game for yourself. I’ve left it at the very bottom of the list, but proceed with caution.

How to use Starfield console commands

To use the console in Starfield, press the tilde (~) key. The game will pause and the console will open on the lower half of the screen. You’ll get a warning that using console commands will disable achievements, and you’ll need to tap tilde again to close the console, then click OK or press E to remove the warning. The warning only happens the first time you open the console in a session, and you won’t see it again until you restart the game.

Tap tilde again to reopen the console and you’ll be able to enter the codes below. Press the enter key after typing each code, and press tilde to close the console again when you’re done.

Most useful Starfield console commands

There’s a more expansive list of console commands further down, but here are a few particularly useful ones like god mode and Starfield’s money cheat. Some of these codes toggle on and off, so typing them once will activate them and typing them again will deactivate them.

In the case of some commands below, you will see brackets and a number sign, like this:

player.additem 0000000f [#]

When entering these codes, don’t use brackets and replace the number sign with a number. For example, you’d enter the following:

player.additem 0000000f 25

Starfield Console Commands

Below you’ll find a larger list of Starfield console commands. We’ll be adding to this list in the future as more console commands are found.

How to find item ID codes

Since Starfield just launched, we don’t have a list of item codes that allow you to spawn specific items and add them to your inventory. Until we do, you can look up item codes in the console by following the steps below.

  1. Open the console with the tilde (~) key
  2. Type “help” (no quotes) followed by an item name, or part of an item name
  3. For example, if you want to find the item code for .43 ultramag ammo, type “help ultramag” (no quotes)
  4. The console will return any and all codes related to the word ultramag
  5. Look for the line reading “AMMO: (002B5599) .43 Ultramag”
  6. 002B5599 is the item ID for Ultramag ammo
  7. Typing “player.additem 002B5599 100” (no quotes) will add 100 rounds of .43 ultramag ammo to your inventory

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