Starfield Interactive Maps Are Live: Helpful City Maps, a Searchable Star Map, and More

Starfield is a vast game taking place across multiple stars and systems, and despite its vision of a highly technological future, there are no maps for cities, planets, or interior areas – anywhere. We can tell you where all the good stuff is in our handy Walkthrough, but you might not want to follow a guide page-by-page. That’s what maps are for! While much of the planet surfaces, bases, and spaceships are randomly generated, the core settlements of Starfield, with their many vendors and side quests, are set locations and remain static across all players’ games. We’ve got Starfield settlement maps right here:

  • New Atlantis Map – We also have a big breakdown of all the vendors and areas in New Atlantis here.
  • Cydonia Map

We are working on maps for Neon, Akila Map, Red Mile, and Paradiso, as well.

As for the rest of the universe, Starfield offers a very neat Starmap in the pause screen that you must use to navigate much of the game, however, it’s not searchable. That’s really annoying when you need to go to, say, Indum III and don’t have a waypoint – this happens a lot. IGN’s map is fully searchable. And if you can’t remember where Cydonia is (it’s on Mars!) and whether it has a Doctor (it does, walk straight down the main corridor then look for doors the lower left side of the landing just before the Face of Mars) you can look that up, too. And see, wouldn’t have that been easier if you just had a map?

  • Starfield Interactive Star Map – This is a work-in-progress, so keep an eye on this one for updates.

Note that the star map can be found at the top of the map image, with details of the planetary systems laid out below – we figure this is the best way to show you the wide world(s) of Starfield all at once.

We are also adding some of the Starfield’s collectibles to the map, including Snow Globes and Skill Magazines and Book Locations – but we can only add collectibles that appear in static, non-random locations. So Artifacts, for example, will not be found on this map. We are adding Companions and Crews Members you can recruit as well.

And you can keep track of everything with handy checklists that sync to your IGN account, so be sure to log in.

While this is just one small step for our Starfield map, we hope you come back when we add more: We plan to add weapons, gear, and planetary resources soon.

Samuel Claiborn is IGN’s managing editor and a fixes/breaks ancient arcade and pinball machines in his garage and is close to completing Starfield — a second time. TCELES B HSUP to follow him @Samuel_IGN on Twitter.

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Author: Samuel Claiborn