Starfield Modders Are Turning Bethesda’s Space RPG Into a Star Wars Game

Starfield modders are having their fun with Bethesda’s space role-playing game, making some weird and wonderful concoctions as well as some really useful, quality-of-life improvements. Now, modders are turning their attention to Star Wars.

Perhaps the most impressive Star Wars-related mod for Starfield so far is this Galactic Civil War Conversion, created by kboykboy, which turns the United Colonies cops into Stormtroopers. This fantastic-looking mod replaces the models of the UC police uniform with accurate Stormtrooper armour, so you can continue to interact with the NPCs as if they were UC security.

Kboykboy has some ambitious plans for the mod. They intend to replace all UC armour with Imperial versions, as well as all Freestar armour with Rebel versions, and replace multiple weapons with Star Wars weapons. I guess we know who Kboykboy reckons are the good guys and the bad guys in Starfield!

“And after the Creation Kit is released if I am still super into Starfield then maybe more,” kboykboy added. Achieve all that and Starfield is well on its way to becoming an actual Star Wars video game in disguise.

But that’s not all. There are Starfield mods that add Star Wars spaceships, such as the Millennium Falcon, to the game, and there’s even a mod that adds a Rebel Alliance spacesuit patch, if you fancy showing off your allegiance in-game.

It should come as no surprise to see Starfield modders add a touch of Star Wars to the game. There are loads of Star Wars mods for previous Bethesda games, and Starfield is perhaps the most Star Wars game Bethesda has ever made. I expect it won’t be too long before modders recreate famous Star Wars characters, cities, and perhaps even planets in Starfield, once Bethesda releases proper mod support.

Coruscant, anyone?

There’s a lot going on in the world of Starfield. It’s seen over six million players since launch, making Starfield Bethesda’s biggest ever game launch. Players have worked out how to make ships the AI can’t hit, discovered many hidden references to other games like Skyrim, and used thousands of potatoes to show off its “mind-blowing” physics.

If you’re interested in modding Starfield, check out IGN’s guide on how to install Starfield mods. However, if you’re still just getting started, here are all the things to do first in Starfield.

IGN’s review explains the pull to seek out Starfield’s “immense amount of quality roleplaying quests and interesting NPCs” is strong, despite a rough start and some core aggravations.

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Author: Wesley Yin-Poole