Starfield Xbox Players Are Using Cross-Platform Saves to Gain Access to PC Console Commands

One of the best things about playing Starfield on PC is the access to console commands.

In Starfield, cheat codes are enabled via console commands, but they only work on the PC version of the game. These cheat codes let you do everything from spawning any item in the game to toggle god mode. Check out IGN’s Starfield console commands guide for a comprehensive rundown of how the cheats work.

Xbox Series X and S owners, however, do not have access to console commands. But players have discovered a workaround that, while limited, does let console players get in on some of the cheating action.

If you own Starfield on Xbox or Xbox Game Pass, you can download it on any PC for free via the Xbox App. Even if your PC is a potato (Starfield and potatoes is an actual thing), just run the game using the same Microsoft account so that your save files from Xbox are transferred across. Then get stuck in to the console commands.

Thanks to Microsoft’s cross-platform save system, the next time you run Starfield on Xbox, your modified save file from PC, along with its enabled cheats, carries over.

Players are using this trick to, for example, get around Starfield’s frustrating weight limit. You can also use commands like add more digipicks, medipacks, and credits on Xbox with this method.

As redditor dimmanxak pointed out, if you use console commands on PC Starfield automatically turns off achievement progress. Thankfully, there’s already a mod on PC that prevents this.

There’s a lot going on in the world of Starfield. Its full launch saw over 1 million concurrent players. Players are using Starfield’s ship creator to recreate famous vessels from the likes of Star Wars, Serenity, and Star Trek, and many hidden references to other games like Skyrim have already been discovered. Savvy speedrunners have even figured out how to complete it in under three hours.

However, if you’re still just getting started, here are all the things to do first in Starfield.

IGN’s review explains the pull to seek out Starfield’s “immense amount of quality roleplaying quests and interesting NPCs” is strong, despite a rough start and some core aggravations.

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Author: Wesley Yin-Poole