Someone’s selling a Steam Deck joint holder on Etsy

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If you’re one of the lucky so-and-so’s that’s managed to bag yourself a Steam Deck recently, you may well be in the market for some Steam Deck accessories. A battery pack clip, a dock, or perhaps something a little more on the side of paraphernalia.

When searching for must-have Steam Deck accessories, this little gem surfaced and I had to give it its own post since what we’re looking at here is truly the height of engineering.

Amid a sea of 3D-printed brackets, hard covers, and hentai skins on Etsy, the GreensElectricTrees shop has presented us with possibly the most obscure accessory for Valve’s handheld: the Steam Deck Joint holder.

The product itself is just a $10 3D-printed clip with a hoop on a stick, designed to sit atop your steam deck and hold that spliff, doob, joint, bone, blunt, zut, chewy, biffta, jay, or whatever else you and your friends have dubbed that wacky backy-filled marijuana cigarette in your possession.

Surely, the mod-minded Steam Deck community has thought of everything at this point.

My main issue with the design is that it ever so slightly overlaps the screen space, though it can be placed anywhere along the top to help alleviate any issues with overlapping the UI. It also only comes in bright red, although it does come with a little resizable noodle, or “rubber sidecar,” meant for non standard sized items of questionable legality.

Sadly, though, there’s no additional clip for a bag of Cheetos or, like, a full on White Castle hamburger. Sounds good, man.

What you really want is three, so you don’t have to roll a cross joint to get the perfect trifecta of joint smoking power.

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