Suicide Squad Is Already Down to Just £44 Before Release Day in the UK

There’s definitely still a benefit to buying physical games, especially when there are deals like this to be found only days before release on new AAA titles like Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League (or other new titles like Tekken 8). Suicide Squad is down to just £43.96 from trusted seller The Game Collection via eBay right now, which is over £26 off the RRP.

This is a tremendous discount, especially since the game isn’t out until February 2. All you need to do is use code JANPAY20 to secure the deal, and we’ll leave some handy links just below so you can find the game on your correct console nice and quickly.

The Deluxe Edition is also available for those interested, it costs £65.86 with code JANPAY20, down from its £99.99 RRP. Note, you’ll need to be logged into your eBay account in order to utilize the promo code, so make sure to do that before trying to make any purchases.

Moreover, this promo code will expire on Janurary 31, so you don’t have long to secure this incredible offer on Suicide Squad, or any other amazing games that are on sale via The Game Collection (just remember to use code JANPAY20)!

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JANPAY20 is one of the best promo codes we’ve had at eBay since the Black Friday sales, so it’s well worth taking advantage of while you can. Other deals available right now include Tekken 8 for £47.16 on PS5 and Xbox, alongside the Steam Deck 512GB for just £374.95.

There’s also plenty of other amazing offers in the UK right now, including a discount on the Dark Souls Trilogy Compendium reprint, Xbox Series S Toasters, and PlayStation Gift Cards.

Is Early Access Available for Suicide Squad?

Players opting for the Deluxe Edition can enjoy early access to Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, starting from January 30 at midnight in their local time, providing a 3-day head start before the official release. As we’ve mentioned, the deluxe version of the game (physical copy) can be preordered for £65.86 using code JANPAY20, down from it’s £99.99 RRP and saving you over £34 in total.

Suicide Squad Release Date?

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is set to launch worldwide on February 2 at midnight across all regions. Players with the Standard Edition can access the game if their timezone is set to midnight on February 2.

Can I Pre-Load Suicide Squad?

Gamers have the option to pre-load Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League starting January 28 at midnight for Deluxe Edition owners and January 31 at midnight for Standard Edition owners.

Which Gaming Platforms Support Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League?

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will be accessible on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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Author: Robert Anderson