The AERO 17 HDR Laptop from Gigabyte has all the power you need to work hard and play harder

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Gamers and creative professionals have one thing in common: they never settle for anything less than the best. Whether it’s getting one more win to beat out the competition or ensuring every image is pixel perfect, they both always strive for the best. 

When striving to be the best, you need to have the best tools at your disposal—it’s hard to put a screw in with a hammer. For gamers and creative professionals, that means having a laptop with enough power and performance to handle anything you throw at it while staying cool enough to keep you going through those long creative and gaming sessions. 

Gigabyte is no stranger to making incredibly powerful, high-end laptops for gamers and creative professionals. For over 30 years, it’s been building rigs that combine great displays with incredibly powerful processors, graphics cards, and storage modules that can give you everything you need to work hard and play harder. 

The Aero 17 HDR laptops offer a great combination of power and performance in a sleek package. 

Let’s start with the display. The 4K UHD-IPS level display offers the best resolution density in its class and matches the VESA Display HDR 400 standard. It also supports 100% of the Adobe RGB color gamut. 

This is also the world’s first 3-side 3 mm bezel display meaning you get an incredibly immersive experience with everything you do. Each display is calibrated by the X-Rite™ calibration technology and is certified with the Pantone® Validation Certification so you get an incredibly rich, perfectly color accurate display. 

But the display is just the beginning. 

Driving everything under the hood is an 11th Gen Intel® Core™ i9 or i7 H-Series processor so you know you’re getting plenty of power. You can also configure up to 64GB of DDR4-3200 RAM which will help you multitask like a champ. 

On the graphics front, the Aero 17 HDR is powered by Nvidia® GeForce RTX™ 3000 series cards with the available option for the 3080 card with 16GB of GDDR6. With the Nvidia graphics cards you get access to Nvidia Studio which pairs the graphics cards with Nvidia’s exclusive drivers to enhance creative applications like Photoshop, Premier, and Autodesk.

Gigabyte also built its 3rd generation Max-Q technology into the Aero 17 series which is all about intelligently unlocking the full power of your hardware to give you the best possible performance. Things like Dynamic Boost 2.0 use AI to automatically deliver power where it’s needed between the GPU, GPU memory, and CPU on a per frame basis to fully optimize performance for whatever you’re doing. 

The Aero is also the world’s first AI powered laptop. Gigabyte worked closely with Microsoft to build its Azure Machine Learning platform into the software. As you perform tasks and use different apps throughout the day, the software will automatically and dynamically adjust the best CPU and GPU wattage settings depending on the app you’re using. You no longer need to manually switch your CPU and GPU settings for gaming or creating content. 

And let’s not forget about I/O. The Aero 17 laptops come with all the ports you need for all your gear including 3 USB 3.2 (gen. 1) ports, HDMI 2.1, mini DP 1.4, RJ 45, a UHS-II SD card reader (which is 12 times faster than a traditional SD card reader), headphone and microphone jack, and a Thunderbolt 4™ port for all your USB-C stuff. 

All of this is powered by a 99Wh battery which promises up to 8 hours of use, depending on how demanding you are on your laptop. 

Check out the Aero 17 HDR on Gigabyte’s website. 

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