The Atari 2600+ Is a ‘Modern Day Faithful Recreation’ of the Classic Console

Atari and PLAION have announced the Atari 2600+, a “modern day faithful recreation” of the classic console that is set to launch on November 17, 2023, for $129.99, and it comes with 10 games and a CX40+ Joystick controller.

The Atari 2600+ is available for pre-order right now, and it also features such quality-of-life features as HDMI output, USB power, and multiple screen resolutions.

As for the games, they will come packaged on one cartridge and include Adventure, Combat, Dodge ‘Em, Haunted House, Maze Craze, Missile Command, Realsports Volleyball, Surround, Video Pinball, and Yars’ Revenge. Oh, and don’t worry, the Atari 2600+ will be backward compatible with “hundreds of original Atari 2600 and 7800 games.”

The team behind the Atari 2600+ took it upon themselves to ensure this recreation of the Atari 2600+ is as true to the original as possible. That means fans should rest easy knowing it will feel the exact same when they move the joystick, the metal switches will feel just as they remember them, and, of course, it will have that authentic woodgrain front panel.

As if that wasn’t enough, the CX-30 Paddle Controller with a 4-in-1 multigame cartridge will be available for $39.99. The games included will be Breakout, Canyon Bomber, Night Driver, and Video Olympics. Furthermore, the CX-40 Joystick will be able to be purchased as a standalone product for $24.99.

Additional launch titles will be available at the launch of the Atari 2600+ like Berzerk Enhanced Edition and Mr. Run and Jump for $29.99 each.

“Preserving classic games is a priority for Atari, and the release of the Atari 2600+ will make the hundreds of Atari 2600 and 7800 games that have been released over the last 50 years universally accessible,” said Atari Chairman and CEO, Wade Rosen. “PLAION’s approach to a quality recreation of iconic Atari hardware made them the perfect partner to bring the Atari 2600+ to market.”

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Author: Adam Bankhurst