The Internet Is Really Amused By Elephant Mario Crushing a Poor Yoshi in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Nintendo has shared a ton of new details for Super Mario Bros. Wonder, but ignoring the actually significant gameplay reveals, the internet is instead obsessing over a poor Yoshi being crushed by Elephant Mario.

Revealed during the Super Mario Bros. Wonder Nintendo Direct, players taking on the role of Yoshi can be ridden by another player, including another Yoshi or any of the other seven playable characters. This even includes the likes of Mario or Luigi when they have the Elephant power-up.

As the Nintendo Direct showed, the chonky Elephant form character can ride a Yoshi, with the poor thing visibly strained from the heavier weight. The internet immediately had its fun with the image, with users on X (formerly Twitter) talking about how much pain Yoshi is (probably) in and whether certain body parts, such as his spine and legs, are struggling.

Some people took note of Yoshi’s strength, noting that Yoshi clearly does not skip leg day.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder was revealed during June’s Nintendo Direct as the next 2D Mario game and people instantly fell in love with the next big power-up: Elephant Mario. The game will also be the first without Charles Martinet, the long-term voice actor for Mario, as he announced his stepping back earlier in August.

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Author: Taylor Lyles