Some Versions of Starfield Aren’t Playing Nice With Complex Mods

If you’re playing Starfield on PC — specifically via the Microsoft Store or through PC Game Pass — it’s important to note you might run into some issues if you intend to mod one of those versions.

Several users on Steam, NexusMods, and Reddit have pointed out the issues with the Microsoft Store and Game Pass versions of Starfield. This is potentially problematic given how integral mods can be to the overall Starfield experience. Hundreds of mods are already available on Nexusmods, from simple intro screen replacements to performance optimizers.

The problem is that the Script Extender mod or more complex mods that require Script Extender to be installed won’t work, though basic mods work just fine on those versions. The modder who created the Starfield Script Extender mod, ianpatt, pointed out in the comments that it would not work on the Game Pass Version or the Microsoft Store.

“No, you can’t just jam the DLL in to the Game Pass version and expect it to work. The Game Pass and Steam executables are very different, alternate loaders are not calling functions at the right times, the whole thing is a mess,” they wrote.

“Independently of any loader, protection, or other issues, it would take a huge amount of effort to support the Game Pass executable. This effort would also be passed down to everyone creating native code mods. Doubling (or worse) everyone’s work is not going to happen right now.”

Despite this, modder MrReekoFTWxD released a Starfield Script Extender Mod today that is compatible with the Microsoft and Game Pass versions.

If you’re unfamiliar with a Script Extender, the tool allows users more in-game functionality that is otherwise unavailable through the mod tools. As the name implies, it provides script functionality that allows modders new functions to modify the game to their preference.

Starfield is out now on PC and Xbox Series X/S. For more mods to check out, there are a slew of them that add quality-of-life improvements, from fixing the inventory UI, to unofficially adding DLSS, and one that adds a FOV Slider. And for those concerned that achievements will be disabled after installing mods, don’t worry: there’s a mod for that too.

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Author: Taylor Lyles