These Harry Potter Minecraft Builds From 2012 Are Still Cool

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The following incredible Minecraft builds come from the rich world of Harry Potter. Hogsmeade, Azkaban and of course plenty of amazing renditions of Hogwarts itself have all been faithfully recreated by Harry Potter superfans. Is this list from 2012? Maybe. Is it still cool? Definitely.

1. Harry as Pixel Art (Cute!)

2. More Pixel Art! Dumbledore and Fawkes

3. Weasley’s House, The Burrow

A faithful recreation of the Weasley’s eccentric house is still one of the most impressive Harry Potter builds in Minecraft today.

4. Quidditch Pitch!

5. The Room of Requirement

6. The Picturesque Hogsmeade Village, But Make it Blocky

7. Azkaban

The massive recreation of Azkaban has lots of imaginative details, like the pumpkin head “dementor” guards.

8. Hogwarts Express

This Hogwarts Express might not actually move, but its blocky steam trail and fully-modeled interior still make it very impressive.

9. Da Castle!

10. Floating Candles

11. Bottom of Grand Staircase

12. Bell Towers & Herbology Greenhouses

13. Chess!

Who wouldn’t want to build the chess game that helped the heroes to victory in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone??

14. Knight Bus

Impressive stuff, right? Be sure to leave a comment below if we missed any other great Harry Potter fan builds.

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Author: Justin Davis

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