It’s May 4th and those Star Wars themed SSDs from Seagate announced last month have made it into a stunning PC from EKWB to mark the occasion. I’d love this build even without the subtle lightsaber theme, the blacked out case and components with the red and blue lighting is, uh, so good

But damn if it doesn’t make me wish there was a newer version of those Star Wars-themed Nvidia graphics cards to go with it.

Remember those graphics cards? I do, all too well. Mostly because we were handed one to giveaway back at my last haunt. A Titan Xp Galactic Empire edition. Oof, it was gorgeous. 

We did end up sending it off to one lucky winner, but not before prying it from Dave James’ hands. To this day he’s still horribly bitter about it.

There were two Titan Xp cards at the time, the Jedi Order option lit up in a vibrant green hue and a well-used finish, and the aforementioned Galactic Empire in a menacing, clean-cut black with red lighting. 

The Empire option being the absolute best-looking special edition card I think I’ve ever seen. It’s just a shame that the Pascal architecture powering the Titan Xp has aged so much since. There’s no ray tracing on those cards. Or DLSS, AI acceleration, nada. If you could take that shroud and load it onto an RTX 4090, I’d be happy. You’d need a much bigger shroud, however, the RTX 4090 makes even six-year-old Titan cards look teeny tiny.

Nvidia Titan Xp Galactic Empire edition graphics card lit up in red

Drool. (Image credit: Nvidia)

Take that dream Star Wars GPU, stuff it into EK’s latest build, next to a couple of those Seagate Star Wars SSDs, and you’ll have a PC that any diehard Star Wars fan would cut off a finger for. Admittedly it wouldn’t be a liquid-cooled GPU, so maybe EK wouldn’t go for that, but I’d take the hit to thermals if it meant a cohesive theme—at least in this very specific case, anyways.

Though obviously, it’s not a Borg Cube.

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