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The Trust Gaming GXT 922 Ybar is a pretty good budget gaming mouse. With a 7200 DPI sensor, bright RGB lighting and a sharp design, it will certainly be of interest to casual gamers, offering some decent performance for what is a bargain price. It’s a little narrow, though, and the software does feel a little old-fashioned and confusing to use.


Affordable price
Decent performance
Bright RGB lighting


Narrow frame
Poorly designed software
Garish preset lighting


UKRRP: £22.99

EuropeRRP: €24.99

Key Features

Wired connectionThe GXT 922 features a hard-wired connection through USB-A

Software customisationOffers additional drivers through which lighting can be controlled

7200 DPI sensorThe GXT 922’s sensitivity is plenty for casual players


Plenty of PC gamers will have you believe that for a decent gaming mouse, you’ll need to part with a fair sum of cash. Well, to that end I present Trust’s no-frills GXT 922.

With key features such as a 7200 DPI sensor, an aggressive design and some RGB lighting, it looks to be a respectable option for casuals and those on a budget.

The GXT 922 is available from Trust’s own website for £22.99, undercutting key big-name rivals such as the Logitech G203 Lightsync by a tenner or so.


Hard-wearing plastic shell
Slightly narrow feeling
Tactile and clicky buttons

The Trusted Gaming GXT 922 sports a traditional hard plastic shell that feels relatively sturdy in hand, especially for the price.

Its sides are adorned by a textured plastic in a honeycomb pattern, which, while appearing to be somewhat comfortable, can feel a little harsh in comparison to something smoother.

Moreover, the GXT 922 also appears relatively narrow in my average-sized hands, and may not be the best choice for those with large hands.

You’ll find six programmable buttons that are tactile and nicely firm and clicky, but there isn’t a DPI clutch for super-precise aiming – which isn’t a necessity given the GXT 922’s target audience.

Otherwise, this is a wired mouse with the fixed 2.1m braided cable offering a premium touch on an otherwise inexpensive mouse.


7200 DPI is great for casual gamers
120g weight makes it quite heavy
Relatively comfortable to use

With a 7200 DPI sensor to hand, there’s little expectation for the Trust Gaming GXT 922 Ybar to be up to standards of some of the best gaming mice out there. Instead, it provides a decent gaming experience for casual players.

I’m happy to report that this particular rodent performed relatively well in my usual proving grounds of CS:GO, feeling responsive for the sensitivity on offer, with relatively sharp clicks and accurate tracking.

However, do note that at 120g it’s significantly heavier than the competition at this price, and if you’re wanting a lighter option, then other mice will suit better.

The lack of an out-of-the-box DPI clutch is a bit of a sore miss if you do require that little bit more precision, and unlike the G203 Lightsync, there isn’t one to be found in the accompanying software.

The GXT 922’s relatively small stature does make it ideal for use as a travel mouse, especially if you happen to carry around a laptop with a bit of power that could allow you to game.

Otherwise, the GXT 922 felt pretty good in hand, although its narrow yet contoured frame did lay bare some of its misgivings. This isn’t the best mouse with which to game for a long period of time, as a result of its higher weight and its overall feel. For short bursts, though, it should do the job.

Software and lighting

Decent software options
Garish out-of-the-box lighting
Rapid Fire is an intriguing function

On the software front, it’s much the same story as the rest of the Trust Gaming GXT 922 Ybar: it’s passable at best, not least when it comes to layout.

On cheap mice such as the Logitech G203 Lightsync and the Razer Viper Mini, the software integration increases the overall value. Here, it keeps it the same – or, if anything, can contribute to a decline.

Of course, it’s easy to install with a simple one-click download and export; but once inside, the layout screams more 2001 than 2021. It’s software that looks 20 years out of date, more from the era of Windows XP than Windows 11. Other manufacturers’ options look a lot slicker.

The actual programming of the GXT 922 is relatively simple, if you can navigate the plethora of drop-down menus. In addition, there are plenty of presets for lighting, and it’s possible to choose custom colours. Otherwise, the only other feature that seemed intriguing was the ability to map a ‘Rapid Fire’ command to one of the mouse buttons.

This is a function within shooters that stops the usual spam clicking on automatic weapons. If used correctly, it can be utilised as a burst-fire mode for the guns that otherwise don’t have it.

Out-of-the-box lighting for the GXT 922 is also nicely bright, although when you first plug it in, you’re greeted with both zones scrolling through oodles of RGB rather quickly. To say it’s garish is putting it lightly.

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Should you buy it?

You want to game on the cheap: The GXT 922 is a decent option if you just want a gaming mouse to use every now and again, which still features a decent sensor and bright lighting.

You want intuitive software or something to use for a while: Where this mouse falls down especially is with its narrow and hard shell with little comfort aids, and also the outdated look of its software.

Final thoughts

The Trust Gaming GXT 922 Ybar is a decent gaming mouse at a very budget-friendly price. Its 7200 DPI performance should be good enough for casual gaming, while its RGB lighting adds some extra flair. But the narrow frame and poorly presented software may encourage you to consider one of the more well known brands instead, such as Logitech and Razer.

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What is the DPI? The Trust Gaming GXT 922 features a 7200 DPI sensor.
Is it wired? Yes, with a 2.1m cable.
Is there additional software? Yes.

Full specs




Size (Dimensions)


Release Date

First Reviewed Date


Cable Length

DPI range

Number of Buttons

Trust Gaming GXT 922 Ybar



Trust Gaming

69 x 41 x 124 MM

120 G




1.8 Meter

200 7200


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