How to find Golden Keycards to access Mercenary Vaults in Warzone

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You’ll need to find Warzone Golden Keycards to open the Mercenary Vaults around Caldera, but they can be pretty tricky to locate. Warzone Pacific Season 4 arrived on June 22 and has introduced new weapons, Operators, and most notably, the new map, Fortune’s Keep. But Caldera hasn’t been neglected and received some updates, too, including the return of Storage Town and the new Mercenary Vaults.

These loot-filled bunkers can give you an advantage, provided you know where to find them. Of course, you’ll need a Golden Keycard to access the goodies inside and expect these areas to be magnets for other players with the same idea. With that said, it’s time to ready up. Here’s how to find Warzone Golden Keycards and the Mercenary Vault locations.

Where to find Golden Keycards in Warzone 

Warzone Golden Keycards aren’t found in set places across the map, so you’ll have to rely on a bit of luck to get hold of one.

The most reliable method seems to be completing Contracts, though this doesn’t guarantee you’ll be rewarded with one. Your other options are looting crates, which all appear to have a small chance of containing one. Otherwise, killing other players with a Golden Keycard will let you take it off their hands.

It’s also worth noting that Golden Keycards can only be used once and will disappear as soon as you use them to open a vault.

Warzone Mercenary Vault locations 

There are seven Mercenary Vaults littered across the Caldera map. Each one is found underground, inside a bunker, and you can bet these areas will be risky to get to, especially as you’re likely to encounter players looking to take your keycard and grab the loot for themselves.

Here’s where to find the Mercenary Vaults:

  • West of the Mines
  • Between the Factory and Docks
  • North of Beachhead
  • Northeast of Fields
  • Northwest of Resort
  • East of Power Plant
  • West of Airfield

(Image credit: Activision)

You’ll need to locate the circular hatch to access the bunker that contains the vault. Once you’ve found it, open it up and use the ladder inside to climb down. You should see a set of doors which need a Golden Keycard to open.

Now you can enjoy rewards, ranging from weapons, perks, and killstreaks. Just be aware that other players might lurk nearby to reap the benefits of your work.

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