No one is quite sure why Bloodborne is not yet on PC but it’s really just a meme now. Sony just recently tweeted a close up picture of Bloodborne asking people to guess what game it was, before being forced to delete it once rumours once again circulated that it was news of a remaster or port. Many of PlayStation’s biggest PS4 games have made the jump to PC but Bloodborne is still missing. “But”, I say sobbing quietly while cradling my PS5, “who needs Bloodborne on PC when you can add the parrying mechanic to The Witcher 3.”

We can all simply pretend that Bloodborne is on PC together, yes, with a mod adding the parrying mechanic to The Witcher 3. If you’ve yet to play Bloodborne, one of its main features strayed from the rest of FromSoftware’s work by eliminating shields. Bloodborne was bored of seeing players cower behind shields holding out for openings while shivering in their boots, and gave hunters something a little more aggressive. 

Instead of shields you get a gun. And if you fire this gun into someone’s face at the right time it stuns your enemy, giving you an opportunity to unleash a visceral attack instead, which knocks them back and does a lot of damage. It’s a very important technique to learn in Bloodborne, and screwing it up can be fatal, but man, is it satisfying. 

(Image credit: Mugijang / Nexus Mods)

One modder on NexusMods has taken it upon themselves to add this very mechanic to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Mugijang’s’ Bloodborne Gun Parry and Execution mod can be downloaded after adding a different firearm mod to the game, and allows you to parry both human and monsters. The timing is also just as specific as Bloodbornes: “A successful gun parry requires the bullet to hit on the target at the start of an attack, which is when the red light first appears on his health bar.” Brutal. 

Of course this is like putting a little tiny Star Wars R2D2 plaster on the massive gaping visceral wound of Bloodborne missing from PC but hey, it’s at least a new way to experience The Witcher 3. We’re not getting another Witcher game for a while anyway.  

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